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Not more. They got rid of garage sale mysteries. Those. Yeah. My eight year old niece asked if we could watch the hallmark channel this weekend. I was like why why do you want to watch that? She loves like, the boy girl boy meets girl stories his very high. Barbie doll. Got their spring movies on right now a whole calendar year of movies, not even Chris movies anymore. Whole counter we've been watching hallmark martyrs mysteries lately. Murder. She wrote. Wreck. Style. All the girls. All right. Well, I just all I know is I need a little space from Bolivia. Yes. Space from all of them. That's our new defense tricks. Exactly what you were doing. I if I tricked you taking pictures of rowing machines where did that come into it? Here's someone else ended some space from Kevin who's Kevin Kevin hunter. Strange husband because his anyone surprised that he is seeking about of money from her in Bali dirty dog. He had an affair for fifteen years. Okay. Why do you think he stayed married to Wendy that whole time? I Johnny shows payroll. Yes, junior. The son is now eighteen he'll turn nineteen in August. There's no child support that needs to happen. What he wants her to pay for his college education. I think she probably wouldn't anyway, she's gonna yeah. Yeah. She well. She's not going to give him money to pay for the couch. I do that on my own Kevin now has to pay for his new babies child. That's right, college educations, and hopefully, it won't be off a Wendy's time because Wendy has been paying for the mistress's bills. Let's be honest her show where Kevin works. Someone is paying the mistresses house bills hospital bills her birthing bills. Medical insurance? If wendy. Yeah. I wendy. I just hope she can get her addiction under control and get back to doing what she does. Well, and Kevin by seventy cheer about the other new Royal baby. Shubert do that. At the top of the hour to save. Oh. From her Instagram. I mean, that's where we post for women all over America. Can I just say thank God that baby is out because that poor woman was sicker than a dog. Yeah. She was having so ten fifty five pm last night. Our Royal baby was born. I'm not sure the gender. It's. Is she just I mean, she vomited every day for the entire pregnancy more than.

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