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Member FDIC One 38 Traffic and weather on the 8s to marry de papa in the traffic center All right thanks mark coming in bent on the Roosevelt bridge We still have the weight limit and a lame blocked in both directions becoming inbound You've got an additional enclosed near independence avenue and a delay coming across the bridge all of the Potomac river crossings are available In northwest Massachusetts avenue near waterside drive we were following police direction both ways there pedestrian Las truck so it is police activity again following direction D.C. two 95 both ways corridor work near Pennsylvania avenue east capital street both sides watch for the cones and if you are underneath of two 95 suit and Parkway both directions only a single lane will get you by the work Southbound three 95 new work setting up near root 7 king street so watch near exit 5 for any cones happening there on the outer loop of the beltway in Virginia you are slow from Tyson's route 7 all the way down to 66 right side of the roadway blocked with the transformation project And if you go west on the ramp a single lane gets by both sides of 66 between nutley street and one 23 are slow to the work zone westbound said to be on the right side eastbound it's in the left lane They are continually working on Georgetown pike yes and between old dominion and Tolstoy near difficult run traffic does alternate and route 7 continued work as well heading west near colvin run mill only a single lane will get by We're checking now inside of the beltway you will find three 95 coming across the 14th street bridge the work of clear but we've seen sign work both sides of three 95 underneath near main avenue so watch for any cones and mobile work happening there This traffic report is brought to you by tropical smoothie and the nationals they've partnered to bring you the gnats berry crushed smoothie available over 70 DMV locations tropical smoothie cafe the official smoothie of the Washington Nationals Mary de pompadour traffic Here's storm team four meteorologist Mike Steiner Partly the mostly sunny skies across the region this afternoon it's going to be hot and humid A couple of thunderstorms are possible and.

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