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Especially since we have a photo of the guy that did it. It was a grainy photo, and his face is covered up the mask and the whole thing. It's hard to get a read on anything but boy, people just know things. And if more than one person was involved in somebody said, we're going to go and get this guy. Somebody out there knows something now it is very possible. This has nothing to do with politics could just be Milwaukee has murder problem right now. That is out of control. It is unbelievable how bad it is. We're going to talk about it a little bit later out of the program. This could have been a robbery. This could have been an interpersonal problems. Somebody's gotta hang up with a family member. It could be a great ex girlfriend. It could be anything. I'm not going to Go out there and tell people that he was killed because of his political beliefs. But many people fear that he had he Waas and I don't want this story for gotten, and I want to remind people that that reward is out there. Now to Alberto's. This is another story in which the media just wants to pretend it didn't happen. The near riot that occurred at the home. Of the girlfriend of Wauwatosa Police officer Joseph Men, said the man who has been the target Of obnoxious protests for months. Following the shooting of the killing, rather of George Floyd in Minneapolis. In which he suffocated. Well, you all know how George Fly Dad when we have these anti police protest. Suddenly they came upon the case of officer men, said Wauwatosa, who months earlier in his third fatal police shooting. Kill the man who was running with a stolen loaded stolen gun. Into Mayfair Mall and turned and shot it, Officer MENSA before our instruments are shot him. He had 36 rounds of ammunition and an extended magazine. And there was every reason to believe that he may have been intended to go into the ball to commit mass murder. We don't know that for sure. But he's running into the mall with a gun with 36 bullets. But any 36 bullets When you're going into Mayfair, you might argue. Why do you need even what? But he was part of a mob that was causing a disturbance there any way they want to fire Officer MENSA for acting heroically and saving his own life in that situation, and he has been harassed ever since. This came to a head Saturday night. He often stays with his girlfriend, who was a police officer in Milwaukee. She lives in Wauwatosa. In which protest is including some well known individuals. I'm told that Bon Mais was there. I don't know this, but I'm told it on. We know that state representative David Bowen was there because He's spoken to the media about what he said happened at the event. A number of people went and stopped at a store. We think it's a target and what toilet paper and other things that started vandalizing the yard. Of officer men's his girlfriend. During this time officer men's that came out to see what was going on, or perhaps to tell them to cut it out. It was during this time that objects were thrown through a window and the window was smashed. With MENSA and his girlfriend sustained some injuries. The girlfriend is posted on social media, the some of the injuries, scrapes and bruises that she sustained during this It was during this period of time that a shotgun blast went off. Officer Menses said it was by his ear. But the shotgun shell did, and the blast actually did end up of His second. Shot that occurred. Was this an attempted murder? Was it a warning shot? Was it somebody again? I don't know. I wasn't there. What we do know is that Baba Tosa Police are treating this very, very seriously. We also know that this has been the end result of a decision that was made by a number of leaders in Wauwatosa. Fort Unfortunately, include the mayor and certainly include Alderman Heather. Cool. And certainly include state representative Robin Vining, who has been a mouthpiece for the anti police agitators in Wauwatosa. In which they have fueled in fueled in fuel That made it clear that you can do anything you want to officer meant so anything you want to it. Backers of the police anything you want to a cop in Tosa and get away with it, And it led to this At the very least, What you have here is criminal damage to property and vandalism. I can't and Paul and I can't just decide that We're going to go toilet paper up some house in while we're told so tonight and then I can't grab a brick and throw it through somebody's window. We would be in trouble if we did that. And if we targeted an African American person and did that Because we had a problem with him, we would be in realty rubble for it. In some of the white people that were involved in this protest who trashed the home of a mixed race couple. Need to confront what they did here. In addition to that there was a situation in which a gun I don't know if the gun was legally owned or not. But there was a gun, a shotgun that was brought to the sea and it was fired. This could be attempted murder. It certainly could be. Reckless endangerment. It could be a lot of things. On the program two days ago. While we're toast, the police chief, Very Weber told me that the police have determined Who it is that fired the gun. To my knowledge. This is not reported in the mainstream media. And I wonder why that is. That is a major revelation. Police know who the shooter is. There has been very little interest from anyone in the media and following up on this story, I suspect because they fear that we may find out just who did this, and we fight may find out just how violent some of the people have been passing themselves off as peaceful and nonviolent actually are. On the other hand, the about of information other than that revelation for Chief Webber that's come out of Wauwatosa about this investigation has been diddly squat. I believe that while we toast the city officials have been trying to quiet this investigation. I believe that they're micromanaging the police department here. I've asked the city manager James R. Shambo, has he been controlling the information from the Police department? He has not responded to that question. But they're certainly has not been a free flow of information. No, I grant it's an act of criminal investigation. When you have an active investigation, and you're still questioning people, you tend not to release a lot of information. I want to know if there's been an arrest. If they've identified this individual is a shooter. Has that person been arrested or not? I don't have an answer. They say that they have the individual identified. I can tell you that there are indications that they are going through cell phone, not only video but phone records to see who said what? And who did what? Which led up to this? If this wass A plan where several people said we're going to get MENSA. And there is some telephone type video telephone type messaging of this. This is a very interesting thing for police to pursue. I realized that there are a lot of liberals and a lot of the media and a lot of people in Wauwatosa, including Rob inviting, and Heather. Cool in that crowd who want this just all go away and act like this is just another little protest that okay, I got a little too raucous. You had a gunshot fired in a home that was smashed up with its window busted out because some people don't like the two people who live in the home. And it's a serious matter. And it needs to have serious consequences without regard to whether or not prominent local protesters and some prominent local politicians were involved in this scene or not. Again. I don't know who fired the shot. But we need to stay on top of the story, and we need to be aware that there was a reason why the media seems a lot more interested in just about every single story out there. More so than, say, this one and the Burnell tram terminal murder It's 5 22 It was talk 11 30 w. It's time for rapid traffic.

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