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And you had to be one hundred percent god so that the the offering would pay for all of humanity for all of eternity. I mean there's no greater gift than that. I was just thinking you. You mentioned isaiah seven fourteen. That's that's in the old testament. That's before jesus ever came. That's that's probably one of the more remarkable things about jesus. I think he was a prophecy. Like three hundred and something times that he was prophesied about coming back to the earth or coming to the earth and zia. Nine six says to us a child is born to us. A son is given and the government will be on his shoulders and he would be called wonderful counselor mighty god everlasting father prince of peace in. It's like when you really start studying. The history of jesus his birth and you start studying the prophecy of his birth. I mean it just blows your mind because the chances of all of this coming fulfilled is absolutely impossible and it has to be an act of god and so the significance of his birth is even more grand. We can possibly think or imagine. I mean it's this is a very big deal you know and i was just thinking of of you know god created the heavens and the earth. He created us from the very beginning and he says i you know man. It's good that he created man and then he says i just want you to love me and fellowship with me you know that god wanted i wanna have fellowship with you. I wanna have. I wanna i wanna live with you in talk with you and be with you. And then he says but. I don't want to eat the fruit. I don't want to you know there needs to be a perfect holy union here and he wants to have that fellowship but man chose to send chose to separate themselves from god in so ever since that time. God has been pursuing man. God has been saying he's been giving them opportu man opportunity after opportunity to repent of their sin to have that fellowship with them and man kept pushing away..

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