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Which is a thing that we have and white house that should never be there look in the caucasus i mean he's president the united states yet okay bought and paid for by the russian you've got his head up his backside like a puff false stories all made up i believe the agenda is to create division at separate between the sexes eradification up bids to mid teens i know nothing is efforts to reduce the world's population split say mother earth waiting for you the government allowing part products to control our economy here in america excuse me no one's notice how they've changed for the traffic signs the highway signs it's been re ink with some sort of firing paint it's not the regular american signs of the nineteen how do you distinguish between foreign paint american paint well well you know we asked thai proving no absolutely not they came back on the topic i guess more curious about why people are throwing to admit that there's something else out there her back to it is the ancient ruins and south america central america some of these things that bill technology like the way they kept at stone the shape and you the perfect angles and i don't understand my own personal theory is that joseph built the pyramids and would at the store grain the ufo conspiracy people have been seeing them for centuries than some of the unusual ones people would see animals think looked like blimps and then they saw a flying discs a lot of people see forge balls flying around that southern others mouth now you saw an are all flying around at 700 miles an hour yeah all right across the water you know what time day for it was at night uhhuh went up from an island made a w shape and one went down went across the channel and up over the same 1 island uhhuh it's a massive extraterrestrial invasion your explanation for what you saw was well it's hard to believe but angels are so powerful they can appears anything.

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