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This during your trip It's actually a loop so the road comes in and it does a loop up that goes around and then comes back out. It's thirteen miles in total. There's a few different ways you can do this loop so you're not really going to be able to loop loop it with your RV if you're camping the campground that's fine and you have some other option so you don't need to drive your rv around but you don't want to have to take your RV honest Lupin expect to be able to park and find places to stop and be able to pull it in. Just it's too tight. There's not that many parking spots as it is so don't plan on using senior. RV To do this loop There's other options so there's really three other options One you could bike this. It is only thirteen miles so you know. Our kids are definitely not doing a thirteen mile bike ride but I think for some adults. That wouldn't be too bad and you'd easily be able to stop them and see everything that you want to see and do hikes or whatever it is that you want to do so biking's a nice option second is you can't take personal vehicle as long as it's off season and there's parking if it's the heat of the summer good luck trying to find parking. This is one of the busiest parks. It's in the top ten. I think it's about five million visitors a year and the the summer months are extremely busy so I don't think that a personal vehicle is a great option. If you're there during the summer we were able to use a personal vehicle cold but again we were there in shoulder season really in late fall before the winter weather really came in and Limited a bunch of the access so so personal vehicle you could use but Other than just getting to one spot and then parking your personal vehicle like in the downtown town like the Yosemite village parking you could maybe park your personal vehicle and then take the shuttle system throughout. So that's the third option is the shuttle system so the shuttle. The system in the winter months kind of fall off season goes year round throughout the village area. So you have kind of the lodge and you have the ansel Adams Gallery. There's the museum that's over there. There's the Conservation Center and and then it goes over to where the campgrounds are at. And so that's kind of like the upper pines and lower pines so the whole half Dome village I think is what they call it. where the campsites and stuff are at so year round the shuttle will do that loop and then in the summer months? It also does a larger loop where it'll take you Out By el Capitan and then over to The kind of Cathedral beach area. So that gets you a little bit closer. To where bridal veil falls falls is so those are your three options you can take personal vehicle but probably only on offseason or just park in the main parking areas and then the shuttle's tells the main way that you're getting around the area or biking if you WANNA bike it I guess you could walk to but thirteen miles is a lot of walking so especially if you WANNA do hikes when you get to different replaces. So that's your options for getting around now in terms of what you WANNA see you're driving around. We actually did a little detours. We were first coming in and instead going straight into the village We went and did the little bit of a a shot to the right. That'll take you to the bridal veil falls visitors area where you can park and there's not actually a visitor's center here but there's a parking lot it's not a very large parking lot and you can't back up Here with a total anything and you won't be able to fit in. RV LARGE RV and here anyway so we were in the jeep. But it's a really nice short hike. It's super easy for kids. I don't know exactly but it couldn't be more than a quarter of a mile to get to the base of the falls and then there's a bunch of boulders and rocks and stuff that are down there they don't actually want you hiking on that to try to get closer to the falls so you're really just seen it from the area where they have like a concrete path space that they want you to see it but it's a really cool waterfall to see it's six hundred and twenty feet so this is a huge waterfall and we were there like I said in late fall so the last week of October Ober and at that point in time Yosemite falls is not flowing anymore. Just doesn't have enough water but bridal veil falls was still going so it was really cool to be able to see a waterfall and this was the waterfall that we were able to see. So then as you get back onto the loop and keep heading into the valley you'll come across Al Capitan. which will be on your left? This this is the huge thirty five hundred foot vertical granite wall that just juts out of the ground in and heads up and I if as if that wasn't cool enough to see you usually can see climbers that are on the mountain. If you haven't seen the movie free Solo you definitely want to check that out ahead of time. It's actually a documentary about a professional rock climber. Alex who is The first person ever to free solo climb meaning. He's not using using any ropes or anything to climb El Capitan. So just insane. I think it's amazing. The people that are climbing it with ropes. I mean that's spectacular tacklers. Well and what's really cool is you can see these people on their Either climbing or we were seeing people towards a nighttime or towards the the evening and so they had their little like hammock. Things set up on the sides of the mountain. Because they're going to sleep there that night and then continue climbing up the next day so really cool to see if as if the nature wasn't cool enough on its own. Seeing the climbers was really need as well and I'm pretty sure free. Solo is free right now on Amazon is on prime. Video are yeah through Amazon Prime Video. I remember seeing it somewhere. Free might have been Netflix. But check that out because it will get you excited for the trip in. It'll just make an awe of these people people that are doing these climbs. So that's Al Capitan. As You keep heading forward you can't see half dome in the distance You'd have to drive drive up further up by like the half dome parking and then hike up if you wanted to get closer to that area. We only went as far as the Yosemite Valley parking lot and we parked there And then went around the little village so the village that they have Is Really Cool. I mean they have a bunch of stuff there post office there they also have Some different in places where you can get a bite to eat. They have a Park Ranger Station area visitor center where you can talk with Park Rangers and get recommendations on Hikes and stuff get the junior ranger packets. There's a big interactive area and then there's kind of like Native American specialist area where they have they have a whole all kind of village area. Setup shows you what some of the housing would have been like. There's usually somebody there to answer questions about things. There happened to be a basket display. That was going on while while we were there So we were able to see that and enjoy that. There's also that's the Indian cultural exhibit sand that's correct term so so Really cool to see. There's a lot of different programs that are happening. We actually did not make time to go on. One of the ranger led hikes. But they allow the kids or at least offseason to go through the Indian cultural exhibit. And then meet with the interpretive specialist. They had there and answer different questions and go through. Things is to work on their junior ranger packets so that was a nice feature so then as we kept drive in the loop to head out of there we stopped kind of meadows area at the base by Yosemite falls calls. It's while it's not super close Yosemite falls but you can hike over to where the base of Yosemite falls is at and you could continue hiking up as well We in little kids so we weren't doing any major major hikes but it's just nice to get out your legs and go see that really beautiful and of course you alphabetize not too far in the distance We kept driving then and stopped for while at El Capitan and saw that around the base of it. And that's where really where we could see a bunch of the climbers that were up on the mountain and then we continued up to tunnel view. So this is going towards WANNA so this is heading up until forty one and you can stop there before the tunnel and park your car. There's a small parking not at probably only holds like Twenty cars or so so it's really not very large but In the off season we were fine getting a parking spot. I think it's really worth it to try to be able to stop here and be able to see tunnel view and and get that view of the valley so it's really worth trying to make that work. We were actually there and it was almost sunset so it was was starting to get dark and it meant that the valley was starting to get those pinks purples to it and Like I mentioned before you're able to see kept on half dome and bridal veil falls all the same shot so that was really neat and what we ended up doing is we turn the jeep around and parked on the parking lot. That's it's on the south side of the road. There were fewer people there and then you can easily get onto a small path. Nobody else was on this hike. We only had to go up. Maybe maybe maybe a mile at the most but I think it was even less than a mile to a place called inspiration point and this is actually one of the spots. Were ansel ansel Adams. Has this great shot of the Yosemite Valley so if you want that view that you get from tunnel view You can see that at tunnel view but if you want a nice hike. That isn't isn't terribly difficult. There is a bit of an allegation gain. But it's not that long and you can hike up to inspiration point and really see that same view you that he saw and there's probably going to be nobody around you so this is one hike that I think is a really good one to see because it was the only one that we were able to do where we didn't have other people next to us so within at least the valley so Really a cool hike and a great way to see that beautiful landscape and and Really feel like you're connected with the people that had been there before us so NEAT place to stop and see and when we come back. We're GONNA talk about camping for the park.

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