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Space station on Sunday, courtesy of wannabe on Musk's other companies. Yeah, the crew dragon was built by SpaceX which hopes to send two NASA astronauts to the orbiting outpost as early as a summer joining us now with more about the crew dragon ABC's, Dave Packer. So is this taking over from the space shuttle? Yes, it is. And actually on the on the short term it's taking over from the Russian Soyuz, which has been standing in for the space shuttle since the shuttle program was retired. The endeavor was the last shuttle to dock with the space station that was in twenty eleven that space. Shuttles now in California museum. So we need a new way to get to the space station. That's American made. And that's what the space x and not only space x but Boeing star liner. As well is all about to try to get the private sector to ferry astronauts to and from orbit. So that NASA can focus on more bold missions like going back to the moon. And then ultimately going to Mars now bullying could launches early as next month. Right. That's right. There's sort of a a mini space race going on between SpaceX and Boeing this this space. X dragon flight goes, well, we could see a couple of astronauts, and these are NASA, astronauts, they're not SpaceX their bilby manning to SpaceX capsule, but these are season test pilot types who are going to be taking the SpaceX up hopefully later this year, if everything goes, well, and they were watching this very closely, and they're continuing to watch to see how this this mission plays out. All right. Thanks, Dave is always that's ABC's. Dave Packer time now eight twenty-five if fast food is on the menu for lunch, but you want to eat healthy, listen up. We've got the healthiest menu item. For several fast food favorites. Are you eating at Burger King? The healthiest thing you could order would be grilled chicken sandwich without male at three hundred seventy calories and seven grams of fat at arby's. It's the chopped farmhouse salad with a roast Turkey in Italian dressing. That's just two hundred fifty calories than seven grams of fat if you're stopping by Starbucks. It's the Qianwen chicken protein bowl with black beans and greens four hundred twenty calories. Seventeen grams of fat, and if it's Taco Bell for lunch. Order to frescoes soft tacos with steak you'll get three hundred calories. Eight grams of fat, but appetites all right? Good stuff gets don't wanna Monday. The time is eight twenty six right now with Christina Mendonca. And Dan Mitchelson. Let's bring in Brian Noble's for a check of our traffic troublespot and westbound I eighty debt Northgate. Got an accident reportedly blocking the left lane looks like they may have gotten everything moved out of the roadway into the center divide, but traffic is heavy off and on all the way back Rayleigh boulevard. Traffic and weather together in three minutes. Plus filmmaker Steven Spielberg wants to block net flex from the Oscars. What he plans to do the story at eight thirty on the K K morning.

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