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Yeah, so that's the original, the people I was talking about till 1965. Black Puerto Rican Italian Jewish. That's the original New York personality till 1965, whatever. And it's opinionated, loud, pushy, cynical, fast, and of course, politically incorrect. In those days, people spoke ethnically, obviously it's better today. There's a lot less racial tension now, but I'm saying, but what I'm saying. In those days, the first thing people said was racial. The first question they'd ask you, what are you? And you'd have to answer, you know? They'd ask your ethnicity first. Forget about avoiding. Now, try to get a white person to say black. You're like, what race was he? They're like, oh, God. Oh, shit. This is bad. This is bad. This is bad. Nose is people go, what are you? And you can only be four things back. This is at that time. Black white Puerto Rican Chinese. That was it. If you try to be something else, people dismiss it. You're like, well, I'm half Honduran and have Filipino. You'd be putting in a Chinese. So make a decision. And those days, first of all, prejudice and racist two different things. Racist systemic prejudice individual. So some people would be prejudice, but systemically they were fair. The store owner would be like, hey, wait your turn. You're not next. Get in the back of the line. The Cullen lady was next. So individually, he would prejudice systemically, he was there. We had the black bus driver hated white people. And like I said, New York characters, the point of New York, those New York characters is that most of the prejudice. That's part of the chart. Nice people are very nice people. Sincere, like I said, they're supposed to be sincere, boring. Not the most exciting people you ever going to be. You got to have a little bit of a crummy. We have a blockbuster, I hated white kids, so we brought public buses to school. So sometimes you get him, you were excited. Everybody on the bus liked it, because it was a little bit of a story instead of the usual nice bus driver. Hi, come on on. This guy, I'd get on and try to make my Friends lay up pretend I couldn't find my bus pass. I'm like, sorry, I have it here somewhere. I know I have it. He's like, yeah, I know you have it too. You better, because you ain't always goddamn busted out. I'll be honest with you. You white people run this country. You don't run this bus, unfortunately for you. I know you think you do, but you don't. Well, I saw right here. You better, you little cracker. I know what you're doing. I recognize your father. I'm like, sorry, it's here. You goddamn devil, get in the back of the bus, you wiped out. It'd be yelling. Why Devils? I know what you do. You never was like, wow. It wasn't a commission forming moment back then. But now, even non ethnic people are very touchy. The New York characters, the obnoxious fan at the game. Now you see them. You can tell the influence by society. Now they're like, hey, you're crazy. No offense, anyone with mental illness in their family, obviously. Obviously, it's a serious issue. We need more funny for research. Why isn't it more funny for research? For mental illness, you know? The cranky old ladies now they're like, turn at me, I was like, Dan, you're a little basset. Unless it's a legitimate form of social protest, in which case I understand. The construction workers, girls who are buying out, they're like, wow, look at that strong independent woman coming back. I know girls are like bullshit. They still hear us. So it's okay, finally. Yeah, because all those people. And it's also the Internet, obviously, took away a lot of New York characters, because Yelp, perfect example, Yelp was a person. Now you read Yelp, I didn't like this play. In those days, you wanted to find out if the deli was good, some guy was like you and Yelp. He'd come in. He's like, yeah, give me a sandwich. He's not making my sandwich anymore. His kidney stingy with the relish this little. You'll make it. Like he was giving the guy a tree. You make it from now on. Directions, you know, now you've got Google Maps, ways, and it's dispassionate. Make a left. Go 500 feet. Stop making U turn. Congratulations. You've reached your destination. In the old days, you had to find directions guy. Every couple of blocks it was a guy. Put in fact to be out there, miserable didn't get along with his wife. There's always standing outside waiting for somebody. You pull obey. This guy looks like he knows his way around. You know what I mean? What are you trying to get to? You know, he had to shame you. That was part of the ritual. You're like, the van wick, the van wick. How'd you get here if you're trying to get to the van with? You can't even answer that question. He starts telling other people this guy's trying to get to the van wicker. This guy's not helpful. He's like, where's he coming from? What does that have to do? But man, wick, old blocks looking at you. Then he says, grandstanding, because he's got you now. The kids are in the back. He's like, your kid's okay with this guy driving. You know, shout out. And yeah, but the difference was, like I said, negativity. That's what makes humorous characters in New York. It was supposed to be a negative test. A city of misery and complaint. That's the whole point. And posit the positive people with a psychopath back then, because they just came out of some program and you see them on the street. How are you doing? I'm doing great. How are you? I should have crossed the street. I forgot this stuff. How was your girlfriend left you? Blessing in disguise. Well, heard you lost your job, but best thing that ever happened to me, allergies. Now people try to be positive. I see them all the time. They come movie my building. Guys get in the elevator. If I go across equipment, what's up, man? Nothing. So what's going on? Same thing that's up, coincidentally. Nothing. This guy goes to me the other day. I swear to God, in New York City, it was sunny, and he goes, how much do you love in this sun? Not as much as you are, apparently, because you seem to be loving it like an Aztec priest after an eclipse. So why don't you calm down? I've seen the sun like 2000 times. I'm older and I'll be honest with you. I got it when I was young. You saw him, and nobody stream Colin Quinn, the New York story only on Netflix..

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