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Bet online where the game starts. Last thing here on the wide receivers, Nikhil Harry, let's just put this out there and be honest. If the Patriots had a trade partner for Nikhil Harry, he'd already be off the team, right? I mean, this is not a matter of the Patriots hanging on for hope that Nikhil Harry is going to prove out to be a good player or live up to that first round expectation. There is nobody that wants to give the Patriots anything for Nikhil Harry. So what do you think ultimately ends up happening with him? Do you think that they cut them? Do you think that they find a trade partner at the end of training camp or maybe they end up keeping them for one more year? He is under contract for one more season and then you can cut bait next off season. There's value in bringing him into camp. You can only increase his trade value. We talked about this on a previous show, right? Let him go out there, let him wash you on Williams a couple of times. Let him do it in a pre season game, get the hype but maybe you can movement a pick swap. They just have too many wide receivers. It's not worth the Ross or spot for them to keep them. And everybody's go, oh, play tight. He's not tight end. That would make it easy. If you use it tight end, that would make it easy. 'cause I'd rather have him probably than Asia or key. Right. But he's not that guy. So they might end up having a cut. There's some dead money, there's not a ton, but yeah, yeah, I can't see him on the team. Yeah. I mean, I think what you're hoping for is that maybe somebody gets hurt in another camp, obviously you're not hoping anybody gets hurt. But the idea is somebody gets hurt in other camp, a team has a few injuries at the wide receiver position. They absolutely just need a body there. Maybe Nikhil Harry becomes somebody that can fill in there, but at this point during the draft, they basically got no calls on him..

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