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So that doesn't help them all insurance of direct tv country to the media in this case it's just you know you know brat and you're so outrageous you so over the top you don't even have all the facts and i'm sure when congressman scalise was shot in alexandria virginia on that baseball diamond i'm sure you talked about bernie sanders and his rhetoric and the rhetoric of the left didn't you and i'm sure nicole wallace over msnbc asked you that didn't she and the irony here is he's condemning the politics and the hot language and and allegations that are used in there he is using hotline and allegations at the prodding of nicole wallace on msnbc it's truly disgusting these people are disgusting and that's that i want to move to the supreme court now the supreme court has a purpose and the purpose is not what the left seeks to make we had a long discussion about this yesterday over two hours and of course i've written about it extensively and so forth as well but i'm sure it commissioner bratton retired would be very concerned about the kinds of language in hysteria coming from media types and democrat types over the vacancy that has now or well now soon occur cut nine go elections have consequences and today those consequences are becoming clear it's time for democrats the throwdown and what i mean by that is we've been playing by the rule book and donald trump and republicans playing by st rules we need to play by st goals oh it's definitely moving farther to the right and i think that it's becoming an arm of the republican party for certain we're we're not screwed we're we're actually screwed for generations don't allow vote on it's going to have a hearing don't have a meeting don't let anything go forward don't play ball with this decision protection against pre existing condition abuses state clean air and water that you use and breathe is at stake future of your rights to reproduction decisions is at stake i think that we should be unafraid to play hardball nobody appointed donald trump came nobody makes it to the supreme court without going through the united states that we're looking at the destruction of the constitution of the united states there are times to fight this may be the pulled the fire alarm moment that you have been expecting there you go the rational com temperate left you can't tell the politicians from the tv host kanye no you can't time to pull the fire alarm and here's why they wanna pull the fire alarm because they cannot stop donald trump's nominee unless the republicans helped them unless susan collins and a couple of others help them and they may help them i want to underscore another point these people do not believe in the constitution except to the extent they can advance their agenda you heard the long list of issues that this doofus senator blumenthal from connecticut put out there so in other words if you support a constitutionalists you're against clean air and clean water clean air and clean water if you supported constitutionalists you're against reproductive rights are you against reproductive rights does that mean abortion what does that mean the right to have a baby shia they try and capture the language and position themselves if you are for a constitutionalists on the supreme court then you don't believe in helping people with preexisting conditions so they lay out their long list there long socialist agenda there now proud that they're socialist they lay out their long socialist list and if they nominee by republican president doesn't meet their litmus test being status progressive radicals than they intend to vote against them so in other words a president who wants to nominate a constitutionalists can never count on the democrat party to support his nomination that's pretty amazing isn't it pretty amazing and then these people claim the stand for you when in fact they try to confer as much power and authority as they possibly can on the court as i said yesterday at some length they don't view the court as a court they view it as a poet bureau an ideological hard left pull up bureau this is how they intend to make their gains ultimately.

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