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1 2021. Done hearing Mitsubishi between Beltline and Story, an airport freeway in Irving, Plano Parkway, 15th, Plano and Highway 67 just past the I 35 split in Dallas. 00 Travis Wayne. Okay, back to work. We go. Let's go to don and Stephenville A don Good morning, Theoretically. Eddie is, uh, it my question is who makes the decision to I'll say Force H o V lane because H O V Lane effectively takes up. Two lanes. Same locket be more efficient to just do with the H O V. Lane and add one lane to each side of the freeway because the freeway can be jammed up in the H O V lane, just Empty. Okay, Let me remind you that many, many years ago Even as I started the radio show, there was this big push to get more people to carpool. And so we took our tax money our highway money and built HIV lanes to encourage people to carpool. Which by the way they did not do. And the reason is pretty simple. If you live in a neighborhood here in Dallas Fort Worth the odds.

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