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To wash my show. I got this today. And other commute when moore mushin episode so today the dated seven seven last day of season one. So i have to record this today and tomorrow remember tomorrow. I episode of season two is coming out so stay tuned and if you want to know what there will be in season two and listen to the episode hundred of these in one so in the special episode. I'm taking questions from instagram. Sees what are your hobbies than this podcast. So this is a very interesting question. And today morning. I've posted to new episodes so remember and take them out to so about my hobbies i hobbies door to have a lot of things in as i mean person something i really love is just I'm kind of addicted to just that. I even i don't want to play it. I takes there whenever i am free. So just is one of my hobbies than writing. of course. writing is my bush hobby from dilute. Like you knows. I written somewhere about it williams and i've also made episode on one of them on mother's day few remember recently. I'm working on an ideology writing a book. Which is really interesting. Which came into my mind. Of course i will not tell you that it is confirmed. I'm still working ordered other than that. I have really interested copies of electing things. I love to collect different things like years earlier. A used to collect some pokemon guards which i left. Of course i now i have many of them actually and the thing which i still alert is which are special events printed on back of them. You know the coins which are especially Back on them. And i am talking about indian coins by the. I love to collect them. I have around thirty of them in the collection like symbol of agreed instrument. I i love to collect. Because i collect them. I don't buy that. I usually find them by buying something or taking something from the shaw. And that's how collective war and i forgot. I'm big guest hobie. All the most enjoy is reading. Vide- the nazi create. But i am very good reader. I know both fiction and nonfiction routing. If you want you can recommend some of your favorite books to me on my instagram foresaw. But nowadays. i don't get so much time for eating or even writing twelve standard studies. Ideally i know once threads standard is finished. I will have a lot of free time in college. And i'm really interested to know about what are your is so please tell me. What are your hobbies mr because the feature of ankle which helps you to ask question to your audiences to the not working so you can answer this question on the program india me. Your trabis feuded books for show and he is. I won't tell you that we were officered newsletter. Now you know about the latest episodes released of the podcast at your immune so you miss any of them. Go to the description of the orchestra ashore. And then you will find link click on it and subscribe is completely free and i am also planning to put some bonus content out there on that platform so don't miss it so that's it for today's episode. Guys i will see in the next year for shah jaw. your d be soured disclaimer. This forecast is based on my views. And obedience don't mean pordenone sentiment or this any through or individually..

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