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Back now to Cullen Kelleher and a column here's a really kind of an interesting comment from Danny in Jacksonville Arkansas because of what we're talking about early ray Palmer publications I don't have to know him a like fate search forum and mystic described arc welders you know arc welders yeah as seeing apparitions testing is not no that's a definitely a new one on me it's a new one on me too but it it goes it just fits here's another one from John in Seattle who says that Khan mention cattle mutilations ask him about his knowledge this is really a touchy one of human mutilations somebody asked me the question quite awhile ago and we have never had a single report of human meals mutilations even though I know there was a couple on the internet there in the last few months we have never had a single report of of human mutilations you know the the the cattle mutilation phenomenon continues you know those there is there is a lot of evidence to the say that that it's it's continuing but humans now I would love to know the the the data on the sources for that data but you know we we we just have had no reports well then of an obvious question is why cal's what would cal one of the scientists tell you come that a cow would tell you if you were to dissect it and tested in a vote would you look for environmental changes would they own usually show up in a kennel as poisoning of the land what what might you glean from a cow well one of the one of the really classic symptoms of animal mutilations removal of one or both of the eyes and it's it's it's well known that the vitreous humor in the eyes that the the fluid in the I of an animal is is a very very good indicator accurate indicator of all of the metabolism and all of the all of the additives that have been process by the animal so plus the the effects on the on the reproductive organs as of the the so called germ cells themselves all of those are tremendously subset susceptible to contaminants you know but this goes back to the question of in mutilations of is that the government just just monitoring as of many many people of reported to us that this seems to be the favorite same that that even goes back to the nineteen seventies that the government are monitoring some you know some unknown pathogen be at radio activity down wind from the Nevada test site so or some bio hazards that are being produced up then up in Utah and and the Dugway area that's that's interesting with they on usually show up in cal's I I would imagine they would in other words if there was some sort of radiation or something environmentally close by the count sitting there eating grass yeah well but it is put forward as a as a way of of of monitoring overall very very wide area how wind would disburse a in a given pathogen but you know it's all speculation but we have had these kinds of reports again and again and again especially east of Dugway you know the the that area up and then you turn north of west of Salt Lake City yes where you know even law enforcement people talking.

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