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The tv were they're selling records from the '60s and they show nancy sinatra in those are really cool white boots net short short skirt with the girls behind or you know what i'm talking about and the order signed about nancy sinatra based on that well it turns out that uh you can't think about nancy sinatra anymore weekday she's one hundred twelve now but the bottom line is is that she's nuts listen to this nancy sinatra this is ninzy sinatra is beyond stupid nancy sinatra co and if there's any mafioso listening i'm i'm only making an example i don't i don't mean any you'll wiltered and she's not a nancy sinatra calls for national revellers sociation members to be killed by firing squad well obviously wanna put her into office wish electorate of something i mean that some pretty pretty ah well ahead of the curve thinking when you say that sir that's the progressive thinking the people that we think we deemed to be unworthy of living room to kill him this is every bit the mindset that was in nazi germany is every bit the mindset that was in cambodia under pol pot this was every bit the mindset when the north took the south the vietnam visit kill these people they dental count there irrelevant there in the are the enemy there are the people that we don't want to hear from anymore we disagree with them kill them you know the the the conservative gets branded with been a nazi being a fascist the conservative if you really looking at a real conservative they don't give a damn about what you do they don't care just don't do any harm anybody it's like don't her people don't take their stuff there is your conservative right there daughter people don't take their stuff they don't want to say hey that guy's a marxist i want to put them in a camp now i would argue that guy's a marxist we probably want amount of america because that acl to the car to shen but i don't want to put them in a camp i would make marxism illegal i would make any form of communist meal ago new us and as crazy as it sounds to.

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