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And talk to somebody ask him why did you vote for donald trump one and do it in a way that's actually i'm just going to try to figure it out so i can tell you more wire you're an idiot it's not gonna work it is frustrating it is and again i didn't vote for the guy i voted for casic knowing full well he wasn't going to win what might do he was in peril i still am wondering what producer pillar joined a little while ago what they say villa that he they figured if he will lost his his his brand would have skyrocketed according to this story out there you know and you got all these stories come out they steve bannon bannon's ghana again it's all the budget crap you don't get as you know this this thing it it it is to wish to look at this whole thing with steve bannon feeding here's steve bannon came out said it was treason is that don jr and these three high level campaign officials met with these russians at trump tower without lawyers the first thing they should have done was call the fbi and it was treason is unpatriotic and blah blah blah blah and then trump tweeted out that loses job we also lost his mind steve bannon and they is back and forth an everybody's i can't believe this nothing wants to as you can look at this let's do ways first way is it real they don't like each other something's gone wrong and this is going to get ugly or is another way you look at it is you know what maybe they say we need to interview you know muller guess we need an interview this guy bannon abandoned make sure this thinks gets out before all of this stuff and it.

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