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So get started at Honey book dot com today and use promo top floor for fifty percent off your first year. Again. That's Honey, book dot. Com promo code top floor. All right now, let's get to some of your questions. Hi, chris. This is Wilson from Rochester, New York. I have always imported my Rafah's using light room on my macbook pro. And now have over five hundred gigabytes of disk space taken up by my raw files. How do I move those files to an external hard drive and tell light room where the new location est, I've tried to before with fewer files, but then of course, light room can't find the files. Thanks, chris. Thanks Wilson for that question yet light room is can be a bit. Well, not quite finicky. I wouldn't say that. But you kind of have to know what led to him does. And how it handles its its filed to get that. Right. You can move files outside of light room in the file system and find her on explorer, and then will bring up a. Yeah. A little question Mark next to a great outfielder in your settings. And that is of course, a bit of a problem because then it won't have access to the originals. And all you have is is the previews, and you cannot do that much with just the previous. But you can tell light you wear your pictures are if you moved them outside of light Jim by just right clicking on the top level folder that you moved. And then tell it. Let me see did the. Yeah, there it is update. Full the location. That's the thing. You're looking for so right click. Well, first of all in light room, again, go to the left hand side bar open that one up go to the folders section. And then where it shows you the question Mark that top level folder find that. Same one in its new location. Right. Click and tell it to update the folder location. That is kind of the that's the way I usually do not do because. Itself can move the files for you. And when you let light room do that. You will also make sure that light rain keeps track of where the files are now. So light to them will move them and updated state obey. So all the locations of the FIS are in the database, and you won't have any disruption doing that. And that's simplicity 'Simple as going to that same sidebar to the folders location, the folders tab open that one and then you can drag and drop the folders around. And if you do not have the external hard drive that you want to use. At the same level where it says folders there's a plus sign, and you can add a folder in that it can add a new folder to the library. So you will you can use that to add a let's say a folder Nate pictures on your external hard drive. That's what I call mine. It's just pictures, and then under that is the rest of the structure, and then you add that, and then you can and then it shows up under the folders tab, and then you can drag and drop your folders there, and it will move the raw files, the original files to that new location and in light room. Everything will stay exactly the same. But now, the files are on the external hard drive, and that also means you should then of course, have the external hard drive plugged in. If you want to work on your photos or you can use smart previews, it can render smart previews for those external files, and then you can work on them wild. External hard drive is not even there. So that is quite smart and last. Not least, of course, no matter where your your photos are made sure that they are part of your backup. Just in case. An external hard drive fails. Hello, chris. It's Tom Stewart from Ontario Canada. And in recent podcast. You were asking for questions to provide content for the show one of the examples. You gave was a perfect fit for a question. I didn't even know I had how to photograph my black dog. He is always the darkest element of a picture, and it is difficult to get any detail on his fur coat. I'm looking forward to your thoughts. And thanks for the podcast. Hey, tom. Thank you shooting. A black dog is. Yeah, it's not easy. We have the same thing here without black cat kind of hard to photograph. And yes, it often shows up black and really black, and I don't see any detail in the for now, it kind of depends a bit on the kind of photos you want. Of course, I looking for casual snapshots with your smartphone. Or is this more like a say portrait session where you want like really good shot of your dog. But in both cases. You'll have to I I experiment with exposure. If you shoot with a DSL are or with a mirror 'less camera. You want to check the manual if you're Cameron to find out how to dial in exposure compensation exposure compensation is the magic word, and then you use that to raise the exposure of it. If you do this with a smartphone? What do you want to do is tap on the black dog on the screen to set the the exposure? While you take the shot that might raise the exposure bit to bring out the forbid nicer if that's not enough you can you can tap the dog and then look for a small sun symbol next to where you tap. That's where you can change the exposure and his smartphone by sliding this little son upper down. It's more of a like a a photo session for portrait session of sorts. Try to do the same with the adjustment of the exposure. But I would also try to get a separate light source above and behind your dog. Because this way your dog will get kept that reflective it's foreign. It's what's called a hair light works with humans work with animals works with everyone, but it will nice. The kind of separate the dog from the background which works really well without black cat. And makes it look really nice. And that is definitely worth a try. And

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