President Trump, Senator, Arizona discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - 08-21-2017-070447


You know it's it is pretty extraordinary bob the number of republican senators and who knows maybe it's eight nine kid whatever it is it's pretty significant uh the president's having more and more senator speak out against him he flies into arizona and has two senators to united states senators who were republicans from arizona who are openly hostile to his actions since charlottesville and i've been more hostile than most that's right joe and follow up on congress and forge point he think about the response tonight at the president's strikes traditionally hawkish tones in his rhetoric on afghanistan you're going to see some applause from the the regular republican ranks but the question remains if the president now has bannon and now we always talk what bannon bannon's bannon but what's really reviewing its who still there general kelly general mattis general mcmaster these are the people the president is now surrounded himself with along with jared kushner the senior adviser does he pay a cost for even as he gets applause from moving in a hawker's direction afghanistan does he pay it cost with his base for this decision on afghanistan and on in those states it send a lot of people in fraud to fight for their country right system martin i just don't think he does in fact i know he doesn't i i'm telling you let me say that it does a one he does have called for being responsible for listening to three men who have fought in wars for this country for years one who is given his own son.

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