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The Republican said I can't believe you would betray us by designing. You'RE GONNA scuttled this nominee judge bork for those who don't remember back in nine hundred seven was this conservative judge. He's nominated by Ronald Reagan and Teddy Kennedy leads the charge against him. It's was a character. Assassination was considered the beginning of this really brutal confirmation process. That now seems to happen every time we. Not has the distinction of having been verbalised, which verbalised I confess a term I think I've coined on anyone. Else's used it in that. His name has become verb to this stay to be booked. Yeah is to go through the experience Clarence. Thomas experienced the Brad Kavanagh experience, which is a confirmation hearing that is brutal, actually Tony, Link Lake Bill Clinton was nominated Bill Clinton. He wrote a letter withdrawing his nomination, and and and with apologies to Hobbes's Leviathan, said that said the confirmation processes nasty and brutal without being short. And android Amazon bork ushered in a whole new era of Nasty Persia, but this is another problem with a blood feud. Where if you can't agree with the there are two stories about what happened around Bork and let me just say some self critical on the left to amuse you gonNA. Go back to bashing the right. Okay. Well I'll enjoy this well. It lasts for all right There is a perspective on the left which had to do with the Warren Court. In the sixties, which is, we can afford not to be the dominant force politically. As long as we have our own power base, and the power base might be in the media, and it might be in the universities might be in the court so very often. What you find in my circles is we can't have trump again. Why because of the court? The court the Court the court always now estimating and that is because that's what the right says to that that. What I hear from the left is rarely as much of a focus on the court so I think that's that's just an interesting insight, because our echo chambers or sometimes difference, this is what causes people to say. Don't experiment with. Third Party candidacies don't experiment with populism. We can never afford to actually deal with.

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