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Could've score. They could have the first down their views saquon Barkley on this team this year. What are you kidding me. They got zip so the Dallas cowboys looked great because you don't choose who you play. All you can do is show up and do what you do. They couldn't have done any better but we still have no idea how good they are. They're are loaded couldn't done anybody you can't lead. Zinc didn't even do what is right writing. You don't need them because they were working on the was he gets going. I mean the point is against the giants. They're using that opportunity to not have to worry about the run. Let's see. Let's see you're passing. It's like a scrimmage dummy and the point is this are these going to one thing has not changed angry. What is it. What is the thing that has a change? I donau same coach that in the end when they face stiff opposition especially in the playoffs against other great teams with great coaches they will come up short. They'll get a new coach next year and then they may go on a super bowl run. It Ain't going to happen this year. Listen man here's the deal about the Dallas cowboys they one of the most talented teams in the NFL on both sides. Has It all right here. Deny that never did not that. I'm I'm an advocate of Dak Prescott getting his money. Do I think the heat deserve more money than Carson Wentz. Nobody does he deserve around around the same show. I believe he deserves about thirty three million dollars a year. I think the Dak Prescott is active duty. He's played all forty eight games. in his career he started every single gain. Ain't he's been a model citizen a leader when you look at their weapons that they have galloping in second year old Randall Cobb clearly upgrade from coal beasley. Amari Cooper is that dude as well as Ezekiel Elliott thirteen carries. We know that's not gonNA last chain. Keep telling me all of those things happen but I laughed and I I sit here with a huge smile on my face like you put what I always say. There have been Tom aw throughout my years on I looked at the cowboys and Zyppah data. They got talent. I call them going thirteen three cannot went on the air and they would have number one see they went thirteen and three and I said they will not win a playoff game and sure enough they said the CD it was the packers Dallas just showed a minute brother showed up and all trying to say to you is did keep on talking because because right now you sound like a cowboy fan and I want to say to you and all the Cowboy v as always say maximally what can go wrong. Will you could book even blamed for the whole debate show with three minutes. Here argument is women's. Here's your girlfriends. Have it come on. Here's what Stephen as saying and you're playing into his hands. It hurts more when the Fans Higher Height Cavalry Fan me at the Super Bowl. I got to tell you the truth. Stephen Right now is a cowboy fans best friend and you're the worst enemy because you're raising the hopes and you know what's going to happen with Gary. Out of the book. Book is showing him standing in that. I don't give you would think about the options. Opposite have available. Always injuries always injuries availability back suspensions. We I don't WanNA. Take time somebody to do something. You know I was in Dallas last week. I got there about a day and a half before y'all got the Latin lack going on in Dallas. You know as a lot of distractions for some of these young dues this feeling themselves. Jerry Jones doled out over three hundred five million dollars. One hundred and eighty five point five million guaranteed dollars brothers getting paid knows tape with no state income taxes really feeling themselves everybody with the expectations expectations. The hype is all sorts of temptations that will interfere with the bottle. Here's I talked to the limits of what you're doing. You're damnedest to try to do anything hang out now. This is before the season talked about Oh Jason Garrett in the office thisday. He doesn't know what he's doing. What yesterday when it would be nice. Let me make one thing I it's now both sides. We're talking about the couch. Why are you guys you all the cowboys. What's the biggest concern. Everyone talked about killing more being its first years play call but Tam he looked good. Hold on listen Randall cars cave Michael Jam all them homeboy against Zeke was basically Chile drinking gatorade game. The game was in the third quarter audience was opened the third quarter giants can't do two things on defense and everyone knows it can't get any pressure on the quarterback and they can't cover anyone down the field the two jobs to jobs jobs up against the run. They're better than those other two areas so what they do they didn't unnecessarily run their rusty running back and they have a long term investment in them and instead with all the time in the world back carved up the defense down the field of course that doesn't tell you all sound lame molly who's the only McDonald's Y'all even given the cowboys any credit now the New York giants at the New York saying I guarantee the whole you saw next long Jackson okay. I'm sorry hang with the Patriot molly. Can the cowboys hang with the Patriots. Maybe the Patriots Talk to me then what to talk about Roy Moore they will go on and say let me tell you right now every week. Cowboys keep going this. I'M GONNA be right here. I'm going to say it again. I got going eleven and five eleven. He's going to have no time for that. Four hundred receiving Schwab only going to get bigger..

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