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Russia russia russia russia russia russia's alleged bevan this but going on for about a year and a half now and i would think that sooner or later someone is going to have to come up with something the halfway resembles a smoking gun the dorothy well eventually but eventually can come this year next year who knows i mean mr muller's got to do is investigation totally decides to quit and you know he's got a pretty cushy job right now so he can go to query time soon regardless of what are you find or doesn't fine but again there's an awful lot of other things going on jim russia is advancing all around the middle east they've established a firm ford old in syria they've managed to make trade deals with their lawn but selling them arms that are violating every sort of trade embargo that ever was devised about iran and you know there's an awful lot of things going on with russia spend nobody's paying attention to least of all this muller the president has to take hold of this stuff he really is not doing a very good job of that again there's an awful lot going on overseas with respect to our allies and our enemies that nobody's paying attention to it let me just add one thing in terms of all the promises mr trump has made in terms of strengthening our military last time i checked we still have thirty percent of the aircraft in the united states air force the can't fly combat seventy percent of the united states marines f 18th can't flying combat about so i guess half of them uh in the navy so we've got real big problems nobody is taken care of military readiness and you know a lot of people are starting to worry about that we got general done for out there in the rand corporation say we're not going to win the next war because we've not prepared we live more to come stay with us as we continue our discussion with our three panelists tonight on the year and review program on the jim bohannon show with the blunt key to culham jet baben and david.

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