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Christopher watson melton judge lowering the curtain on his million dollar piano las vegas residency caesars palace says there will be just fourteen more performances april and may of next year million dollar piano began in two thousand eleven elton john's preview is residency the red prieto ended in two thousand nine don't send we've got a new trailer for black panther chadwick with boesman stars in the title role of the african prints and superhero we first met and captain america's civil war michael v jordan oscar winner liu peter no yondo and the walking dead deny career also star black panther opens february knife for marvel and disney parent company of abc news as the producers guild has voted unanimously to show harvey weinstein the door though the final determination will be made until november six over the weekend the motion picture academy expelled weinstein in the wake of mounting allegations of sexual assault and red hot chili peppers bassist please 55 monday i'm christopher watson jimmy kimmel's taking jimmy kimmel lie on the road this week and back to his whole borough of brooklyn new york in recent weeks he's been vocal about the ongoing debate on health care is a few more thoughts on the matter more from abc's mad wolf he has become an unlikely voice in a difficult topic if we had eighty is praying for us jimmy kimmel bringing his show eased this week here to new york's brooklyn a kaddoumi of music and he's taking the national conversation over health care whether things becoming personal in the matter one is son had openheart surgery just hours after his birth what is it that we really need to do in this country now to really have at this thing i think we need to vote is is very important i think it's all too easy to sit on your hands and complain and not do that and feel like posting something on facebook as an it's not enough yet have to pick up the fold or write a letter ride in email and let people on i i really feel like it does make a difference in brooklyn matt wall abc news komo news tied collects recalled whose dot com web bruce or so what is back kelo theresa back from a trip.

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