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Unimaginable horror in guatemala panicked residents fleeing for their lives as the bulk ainhoa erupts thick asks blooms descending on whole villages taking over the roads the trees the sky here to police officers race to escape the eruption their vehicle becomes invalid nash thankfully they escape the volcano beginning to spew rocking hush sunday at noon lava begins barreling down the side of the volcano families saying they had little warning to get out we were suffocating couldn't breathe this woman says rescue crews in the dark helping children and the wounded to safety homes quickly insult by flames this family of six escaping by helicopter other families not as lucky so many scenes like these whole villages now blanketed by ash the homes the cars frozen in time tonight the death toll staggering more than sixty for those who were able to make it out many tonight now living in these packs shelters in this one in a suite la residents received medical supplies and children or hooked up to oxygen tanks so many still in shock children left to sleep on the floor we lost three of our family members he says but there are signs of pope rescuers still finding people alive pulling them from the ash including miraculously this baby wrapped in a blanket one rescuer passing the baby to another before going back in searching for more survivors david that is the volcano just over my left shoulder here in antigua i'm told that those rooftops right behind me used to be bright red there now pitch black covered in that ask rescue missions ongoing tonight the cleanup just starting here david victory kendall from guatemala tonight victor thank you we're gonna turn next year to breaking developments in a killing spree in arizona we knew of several dead already but thirties just moments ago now revealing there were more victims tonight the manhunt authorities then zeroing in on the suspect who then took his own life abc's chief national correspondent matt cup and with what we've just learned from arizona tonight.

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