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Pat Sullivan, Dave Wilson. I would mentioned any second but he left. Right. Alison left us. Well, we're at forty ninth in pen and we are here to promote for next week. The Meridian Kessler home tour and the Meridian Kessler home tour gets underway the eighth and ninth. That's next weekend. Tour six homes in the Brady and Kessler neighborhoods. So a great 'cause there for that, so last week, Dave before we, we have some people on the line, then you can probably work those for me. I don't know why I'm standing on the other side of the tank come over here a radio home sitting in your chair, this won't be that close to you. Yeah. You look at our engineers goes. These guys are so sharp. This is Dr engineer the reason is asking Denny. I'm on the opposite side of the table. So, I can't see the computer screen right? Who's on the line? Who's not. Well, he's a base today. Fix them. Stu, where where did you go to school ball state? A graduate of ball state graduate close. All right. A graduate of ball state TV radio and he looked directly in my eyes and said, hey, I can turn the computer around. So figure that out. Yeah. You're really talking too much. You need to relax your urine. High getting listen. We had a great time without you, don't, don't let's not make him Pat. So anyways last week, Dave starts choking. It's one of these nightmares where mill the show on your talking, all of a sudden your throat starts tickling, and I literally could not talk. And so, and I'm looking, and we're on the air and looking at Dave, and, and the concern will Terry. Let me say this date, you're a dead man. Cause you ain't getting mount the mount you're going to die where you fell. Harry is, is. It's a here is giving them a banana. Yeah. That's a good idea. But it's my shoving something down someone's throat a wooden peanut butter on a mushy. No, I could not find out a medical panel. It took me a while to get down again. But yeah, it's sidetrack knew for sure. Now. There you go. Two three nine Ninety-three Ninety-three is our number. And joining us on the I n HP dot org. Phone lines, we have Joe Joe good morning..

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