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Redone they couldn't yeah voting in retha she did though that change iran could set you off no nigga two two nothing about it he wouldn't take my wife because he said he wasn't maybe shoot the okay way with a nice one what are you reading email you just munnell marie came along i wanna plant on that could you know all that was going go against future put that ilan inland over they want him so many cool did dress that on the last but we can tell million about this situation do we on new beagrie disagreed with high he handled as a nation as i do if somebody flies in five five somebody our i want you to come over here first of all this women out here in the area that i can ever yeah you know what i'm saying if fly you out what do you think i'm i'm actually i'm not asking you to do but it should be understood from those kids we're grownups on groaning okay we've all been out with that we thought for shower was going out yeah and it didn't go to right we thought show it will going down and it did not you cannot be mad at email for that just because you assume if she didn't say anything to expect to make you think that you just felt in your mind that you can lay this chick is only you now i read the beginning to this it said she chilled with him in miami went to a studio we don't know if she lives meyer let's just say that he's flown her out before onto dust i think i remember seeing a picture where she saw the map where she lives in where i wish you line out to kill with him in miami studio san if she does on our miami profile her profile lakes he had hosted a pitcher that actually so like here all the way down here to show that she doesn't live in the same very is is not a hidden tax that he got right thus the point omega night if she had the travel to me before and he did threaten before then she would tax like that light semi book my flight if this is the first time that he's flown or you know what i'm saying like right right so bad elliott her saying that i put my right this ain't nothing new you know what i'm saying i've met up with you in miami you but my flight so onset of our ally could've met there or they could have like you said he could've thought over that right but or has been using miami faye case my everybody goes to miami futures and i was listening in to your city he went back to his whatever he was i'll see you out her is there's a lot of dismal scenarios but i'm not faulting her premiums for him saying i wanna see i wanna see you her said okay will you pay for you i'm falling because i know one over wnba player she wanna go too expensive as restaurant a blight you you know what i'm saying like you wanna see you know you're inviting me out so you say you're invited me out to dinner and i have to pay for our dinner and you're the one that's of different stature than i am until candice parking notice etc so.

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