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Does that not strike you does that force you to be just a tad bit more concerned i'm concerned because they are very good and they've got got a a couple of championships under their belt but even just because when you come back from an injury you come back then doesn't mean you're hundred percents even as you gotta get your timing you gotta get everything back your field tb three percent down clyde drexler in his you bringing that up mostly for risk because record is so good they get a chance to rest it cool oh my goodness clyde drexler right here with steven one ears we're ready to listen if the playoffs would it begin the likelihood would be that it would be denver minnesota that's going up against houston i get all of that but you got a lot of people that's looking at dan tony style plate play the fact that again he pushes the ball up the court it's very formidable but in the same breath when the shot's not falling everything appears to fall apart because even though they've improved offensively and no one can deny that is still a concern from time to time or you're not worried about that i'm worried about who's the best mid range shooter in your car league shaping three that's the reason they got him he's he's a difference maker also you got eric gordon coming up their bench and he can drive to the basket one of the best scores in the game you got joe greene playing at a very high level and you got guys like pj tucker trouble reason quick appellate getting it done defensively and see p three has been what seven or eight teams all kinds of i.

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