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There's been reports of the GRE which is Russian military intelligence creating fake comments on news sites creating fake social media profiles Russian forces attempt to seize and control internet access on the Crimean peninsula. Russia drummed up support in Crimea. And then went in militarily move forces towards the border with Ukraine where they had in previous. Sleep been stationed and very quickly seizes the territory of Crimea, initially Russia denied it had troops in Crimea. The soldiers had no insignia on their uniforms, but they carried Russian weapons. Vladimir Putin said they were quote, local Self Defense Forces and Russia, then annexes Crimea, effectively admitting all of the things that they've done there that there was Russia acting Russia didn't just lie and it didn't just put out propaganda. It's subterfuge. In Crimea went deeper. Russia is undermining sort of objective reality. They are putting out messages that make it seem like there's no objective truth. It wasn't long before. American State Department officials in Ukraine started picking up on all this disinformation. Molly Schwartz brings us the story. when Russia annexed Crimea, it sent the US State Department, scrambling SRI, Preston Carney was working there as a foreign service officer. He remembers how things unfolded next. The State Department actually tried to bring together a collection of Russia experts and public diplomacy experts to try and do a counter messaging task force. She was tapped to be the campaign director for this new Ukraine communications task force. He began to notice some strange things about the way that the conflict was being described on Russian media. I saw people claiming that the CIA had put dead bodies inside a plane, and then purposely shot it down in order to create propaganda against the Russian government people were repeating that story again, and again, and I realize we had gone through the looking glass at that point that if people could believe that they could believe almost anything SRI and his task force were responding in real time. They noticed that. There are a few influential. Names who are driving the narrative on the Russian side. We would have certain actors who would pop up again. And again number one on that list was Constantine recalled he was active on Twitter and a lot of other social media like live journal contact you an no class, Nikki he was fluent in the language of the Russian internet culture. He had helped invent it. Here's Alexander smell of. He says that starting in the mid nineties recalled started to be actively involved in the development of Russian internet ball. He was still a teenager. Budrus smell of used to work with recall at a propaganda online news site. It's called the add ons and produces it says that was at the roots of something called the Donut culture. But these were young people who are coming onto the internet in inventing their own language there and generally making a mockery of everything. Having fun in creating a sort of subculture soaps smell of remembers that in those days, the political discussions on the internet were mostly anti-putin. The internet was one of the few places where the opposition movement could communicate freely through school. When Putin first came to power in the year, two thousand he wasn't paying much attention to this kind of activity online. Here reportedly didn't use a computer, and he was busy tightening control over Russian newspapers and TV news channels, but then in two thousand five things changed..

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