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At dawn on October fifth. Two Thousand Ten Deva Chair mayor to all the Tomas was waiting through a caustic swamp of heavy metals. He fervently hoped his boots and protective coveralls would protect him from the cadmium cobalt and lead swirling in the mud around him. An acrid smell filled his nose as he looked out over his little town. Every building fence and tree left standing had an eerie waist. High Line of rust colored residue it appeared as though the town had been painted carefully by a brush overnight in a misguided prank. Tomas was exhausted. He had been up through the night and he'd been frantically working since. The flood rushed over the town at noon the day before now. Small mountains of red rebels stood everywhere. The leftovers of the crumbled buildings that had toppled in the wave of toxic sludge. Deva chair no longer resembled the sleepy town where Tomas had spent his whole life. That looked like it had been bombed most of Devon chair surviving residents had been evacuated to nearby villages where shelters had been set up in churches and auditoriums rows of beds and tables of packed sandwiches. Were put out for the displaced victims but the toxic flow soon reached those surrounding villages as well. The sludge seeped into small creeks that fed into the larger tributaries of the Danube River. The recent rain had softened the ground and increase the permeability of the soil which only helped to quicken the spread of pollutants. Toxic plume had travelled nearly fifteen miles by October fifth. Reaching at least six other towns the region was in dire. Need of immediate help. Tomasa cell phone rang incessantly. As he slowly tramped through the sludge he was discussing how to find shelters for displaced residents. And keep the evacuees safe. He spoke with a never ending line of different government. Officials policemen and workers to coordinate the incoming help but it was calls from the press. Were the most intrusive. They wanted quotes. They wanted to know how disaster happened. Reporters came to the village. Protective outfits and masks poised and ready with cameras and microphones in addition to the reporters over five. Hundred policemen and soldiers arrived to organize infrastructure among the madness and ruin they were directing traffic and continuing to clean roads and walkways and everyone wore head to toe protective gear. The rescuers looked like aliens or spacemen. New arrivals to an unknown toxic as the clean-up began in earnest. The Hungarian government directed the temporary shutdown of Mall Zero. The company responsible for the spill workers from the aluminum plant were dispatched to gather sludge from the streets of Deva Chair and ship it back to the headquarters in Ocu- about twelve miles away rusty alkaline water splashed as industrial vacuums sucked up. Sludge gathered in homes and offices workers from the company hosed down streets and alleyways to wash away the heavy metals to foot deep puddles of diluted toxic water or then suctioned from between trees and the dips of Roadways. Huge bulldozers gathered building wreckage and scooped up poisoned swaths of the surrounding forest floor. But no amount of cleaning could erase the red stains or fully removed. The powdery toxic dust that caked on wherever the waste dried the demolished homes. Were haunting site. Living Room couches were sopping wet with red mud. Never to be sat on again. Tv's were toppled over poison melted through plastic frames and burned away family pictures. Broken walls revealed inundated bathrooms with tubs sinks filled with sludge amidst piles of d'etre 'tis dolls and basketball's floated along in. What used to be children's toy rooms? Refrigerators with food still inside removed and put in massive garbage crate in the mid day on October. Fifth government workers arrived with giant dump trucks and drove down unchartered paths and back roads. They poured Klay into the tributaries of the Danube River. Officials claimed at the time that they would be able to neutralize toxins and minimize contamination with the clay. As Claes naturally absorbent. It could lower the Ph of the water by soaking in the poisons but the mud was wildly toxic yielding a Ph of thirteen that level of alkalinity could burn through skin and muscle tissue in a matter of minutes. A Ph of thirteen is similar to bleach oven cleaner. Neither of which is a substance. A person would want to touch jest war inhale throughout the afternoon of the fifth the sludge spread through rivers and woodlands around Deva Chair and Colon Tar just a day before these bodies of water had been lively clean and filled with wildlife water sources. That had been fresh enough to drink turned caustic overnight red sludge clogged the gills of fish. Their bodies floating to the surface birds who had eaten poison plants and dying aquatic. Animals lay bloated. At the river's edge. Small drowned rodents looked like clay figurines. The sheer number of dead creatures alarmed. The workers gathered the nauseous carcasses with gloved hands. They lifted the limp bodies of squirrels and raccoons that dripped with sludge into bins trash cans filled to the brim with these. Little corpses were incinerated by the dozen. The forest was strangely silent. Save for the sounds of the heavy machinery scooping and sectioning the toxic waste from the environment however the cleaning efforts to stop the flow of caustic sludge rivers and soil. Were coming up short. The emergency responders had underestimated the amount of toxic liquid. There was to clean up. This was due to a corporate lie in their own. Disaster plan malls accounted for only a fraction of the amount of toxic sludge. They had generated. They had been using the same waste pond to dump aluminum biproduct. Since the nineteen sixties in addition to the glut of toxic waste excess rainwater collected in the waste. Reservoir at the plant mixed with the aluminum. Byproduct years of rain created a much more fluid and powerful force than expected when the dam failed. The vast amount of rain water in the waste pond diluted the toxic sludge when the wall deteriorated burst the sludge spread in a more fluid form. It flowed markedly faster than a more solid substance the volume multiplied to over one hundred eighty five million gallons of destructive liquid that polluted roughly two thousand acres of land now the excess liquid pooling around the villages made the cleanup process much more harrowing as it dried and hardened the evacuated residents would not be able to return as soon as they had hoped. Once the sludge had absorbed the cleanup would take much longer than anticipated by October. Sixth and seventh. Some of these frightening facts trickled into the news and became public knowledge. The shock of what had happened was turning into anger. Deep Sadness and fear for the future residents listened to the news and read articles online has details about the true scope of the disaster. Were beginning to come to light. They heard the wide swath of land affected by the flood and realized the disaster was much greater than what they had seen Endeavour Chair. They saw pictures of fish floating belly up. In the midst of a- bling burping globs Greenpeace reported the danger of arsenic chromium and excessive mercury in the waters around Deva Chair. Arsenic levels in the wells of Colon Tar were twenty five times higher than the legal limit for drinking water and double the anticipated levels from the waste reservoir. It was difficult for residents to comprehend the level of poison now surrounding them many townspeople with only partially damaged. Homes remained endeavour chair refusing to leave these residents watched out their windows as blurry. Red Clouds filled the air. They tried to stay calm. The danger was only increasing. A new problem arose says the toxic mud began to dry. The sludge became a cancerous dust. It was not safe to breathe in but it was everywhere. Caught in the breeze and stirred up by the machines masks were required to be outside. In some cases people even wore them indoors as a dust made its way through air vents and under doors and on the morning of October Seventh. The wind started to pick up coming up. We'll see how the danger grew as the government and town officials rushed to save lives podcasters. I have some exciting news for you. I'm hosting a new show called daily quote. It's a quick two to three minute. Podcast that is sure to inspire you put you on the path to positively each quote will motivate uplift and renew your outlook on life plus. 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