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She couldn't go to work the next day and then following day she woke up like non added. Yeah that's what everybody was like. I was like. I thought it was like a scene from posted is did you. Did you just have xs all evil spirits. Leave your body and that was it and there was no nothing. This woman has gone on with her life or daily life every day. Since so it's reacted to me. I felt a headache. Johnson johnson was fatigue for our a three hours in twenty had headache. Our four tired. Then when i was scared to go to sleep i be our share that out because now it's bedtime i was like. Oh my god. Because i experienced would happen to tanya and Slept through the night. Like a baby. Yes woke up the next day and continued on my life. Shot the johnson. johnson. Yes i know twenty. Were okay to. I date in the next day that they feel good and then i had one of my girlfriends. She says she ain't filled with like three days. I say grind. I can't afford to be sick. Two three hundred twenty four hours in that say they may not even happen. A lot of hypochondriacs is in the black in urban urban nurse. So i you know a lot of us be playing anyway. Jose which lease before we shouted will release to our next story. I don't wanna. I talk about the band at the united states for we wait. Wait wait wait eight. Nineteen notice shelter will show show back. Meekly man came magnetic call one of the hot wrappers little bit banged back. Bobby guess what tomorrow man. We're gonna do sports now. Now by eric kings superfan for new. Really never this kit magnates people you go the club fan hud lacks put that on. This will wherever ourselves. Yeah yeah you can't play a lot of that. The pool don't get a shutdown speckling king magnetic we call it in. So what are we going to do. Cologne shout out appreciate time and For dealing with the show and we need to get back to just want to know who got the ghetto. Snacks one. I wanna know. What's the best one we get back. We got. We'll talk about that one more time because i'm going to give away a t shirt to all our creepers out there. Thank you so much for listening to this show. We appreciate you all the folks on audiotape. This is the show. Thank you much especially shout out to w. f. l. x. in rochester new york on ninety four point five the blaze louisville kentucky. We appreciate you and also special shoutouts. Who are major sponsor John cochran over there. Fm radio we appreciate you so much. distributed by comedy while network network so to data shadows barbie cologne be sponsored by good friend..

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