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Hammond health. Check from the BBC is coming up in a moment. The show with the latest health news from around the world today. We'll be talking headaches. Why are they so common? And what can we do about them? We'll hear about the rare but serious I infection that can affect you. If you wear contact lenses, and they come into contact with water and could a simple breathing monitor save lives during and after surgery in sub Saharan Africa. Do join me for health check after the BBC news. BBC news with Jerry Smith. The UN secretary general says the truth must be established about the disappearance of the dissident Saudi journalist Jamal kashogi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Antonio Gutierrez said incidents of this kind for becoming more common and cannot be tolerated. The Saudi Interior Minister said allegations that his country was responsible. When is Washington has called on Ankara to quickly free other Americans imprisoned in Turkey of the release on Friday of the evangelical pastor, Andrew Brunson. He's meeting President Trump later today. The former Malaysian Deputy Prime minister and opposition leader, Abraham is facing the first test of his return to political life Anwar who was pardoned early this year after being jailed in two thousand fifteen for alleged sodomy is running an opponent by-election. Officials in Nepal said least eight climbers five South Koreans and three Napoleon guides have died after a storm hit a camp on a Himalayan peak in the west of the country their camp at mount gorge. Oh was completely destroyed. At least eighteen people have been killed by flooding and landslides in Indonesia's not mantra providence rescue officials said twenty four small villages were affected by heavy rain, which have been lashing the area since Wednesday. The Venezuelan government says it has released a political prisoner had been held for four years mostly in the intelligence headquarters in Caracas statement, said Lawrence Taylor who was a student leader have been freed and was being flown to Spain for treatment amid phase he might take his own life. Australia's prime minister says he'll change the law to ball, independent religious schools from expelling students based on this. Earlier this week. Scott Morrison appeared to defend league government proposal would have guaranteed the right of religious schools in Australia to turn away gay students and teachers..

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