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Finally and finally. Do you see the photograph. I put up Let's is that a busted. Nfc what's that their do you do. You agree with bush. John so we agree. This is your toothbrush. Bone-dry now you've you've recognized the sadr on the conclusion. I have so what alex is looking at here is what appears to be are probably right. Or what what does that. I'm going to say either a busted. Nfc or a busted rfid for shoplifting that tip prevent shoplifting this product. I know when you leave the house Once or twice a month there's a product. I i believe upon information that you sometimes acquire can guess what this from. We're looking here at peace at an art on a piece of cardboard. that's mcdonald's cold drink cup. That's the the but of the cup. The butt of the cup the butt of the this is the bottom of the cup by cut out with gerber utility knife. So i to you. Oh my goodness so play. That's why there's hesitated marks but it's the red a red verdict. What vertical line through it which tracking their cups. I have a chip chip chip alex ship in my cup. What may i ask what service you used for research purposes. Oh like who delivered it. Yeah switch which gigi gigi boy who gigi gigging ubereats. Okay because i now need to Try try this out. Need to find this and then and then we're going to you know what should we you know what i wonder if i could turn this into. I wonder if i could turn this into a nfc tag for kit. That is that's why.

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