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I'm Beth Myers. The NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. New center. A group of freshmen House Democrats, including Oklahoma congresswoman Kendra horn have proposed a Bill to prevent future government shutdowns horn says the shutdown to end all shutdowns act would prevent federal workers from being furloughed or forced to work without pay. If congress and the president fail to agree on a budget Bill. It would also help federal contractors as well. I know there are a number of pieces of legislation that had been introduced to help fund the back pay for federal contractors. I I don't know about many of you. But I happen to be a co-sponsor on some of those and by this legislation preventing the shutdown. It should prevent in the future contractors from losing their pay the Bill would trigger funding for thirty days in the event of a stalemate and would suspend pay for members of congress and the president during a shutdown. The Federal Reserve leaving its key interest rate on changed policymakers wrapped up a two day meeting by keeping the Fed's benchmark interest rate to arrange of two and a quarter and two and a half percent. The central Bank says it plans to take a patient stance on future moves. Former OSU assistant basketball coach Lamont Evans is due in New York federal court this afternoon to appear on a conspiracy bribery charge as his attorney says Evans will plead guilty to accepting twenty two thousand dollars in bribes to steer players to certain financial advisers and business managers a sentencing deal calls for Evans to spend up to two years in prison Oklahoma City police arrest a homicide suspect. Thirty one year old Philip Sanchez was booked into jail yesterday for the death of Thirty-three-year-old Cesar Lopez Lopez body was found Sunday in a home in the five hundred block of south west sixty eighth street. Police believe that he got into an altercation and was killed and for the. Second time in less than a week. I know what county sheriff's deputy has been arrested deputy Robert pop was arrested Tuesday for allegedly misusing the sheriff's departments gas card during a search of his residence. Investigators say they found methamphetamine it was last Friday a detention officer, Colin gating was arrested after authorities got a tip and found homemade explosives drugs and illegal firearms at his residence and a man is accused of using a powerful anesthetic during a sexual assault. Here's our Jack woolen Scott without story. Authorities say thirty nine year old man used chloroform on a girl before sexually abusing her in midwest city. Andrew Gamboa's is jailed under an eight hundred thousand dollar bond. Police say the girl did not know it, but Gamboa's allegedly for several months had been taking pictures of her as she undressed police say the girl texted a relative about the alleged abuse. And that relative contacted police in April first trial. Date has been set for a seventeen year old Tulsa boy, charged with fatally shooting a broken arrow teacher and raping an eighty one year old woman, Tulsa county assistant DA Kevin gray told a judge yesterday. He has no plans to offer. A plea deal today on green who was sixteen at the time. He allegedly killed Shane Anderson and assaulted the elderly victim during a robbery spree in October of two thousand seventeen Greene has pleaded not guilty to murder rape and other charges from.

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