Hanford, Levin, Official discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Briefing on the hanford emergency for today here now the spokesperson from hanford speaking on behalf of the company talking about what really happened it'd earlier this morning an incident in a two hundred east area of the hanford site all personnel in the immediate area had been accounted for there are safe and there's been no evidence of radiological release i would urge viewers to launch into him for site tucked heffer dot gov red barth top the latest information about what's what the heck with site but again right now always have been accounted for no injuries in levin's watch release so this is going on in east area hazzard site this is the is the for sale right right here the east area is right there this is going on the facility newness pure ex which is located about here employees appear ex this morning notice the soil so over one of tunnel one of the tunnels adjacent to the pex facility period facilities for processing chemical processing facility at that point after noticing the soil as sunk over one of the tunnels there was an urgency to declare those employees over half dozen of them were accurate again no injuries on police are safe no evidence really logical release those employees safe all close at two hundred east told take cover this was early this morning upon the judicial investigation crews noticed this portion of that total fall roof caved in twenty foot section of federal which is one hundred feet long upon discovery all employees in the health for site again this this say here have been told take cover what that means a shelter and places purely precautionary because again who were there was no spate of no indication of the spread logic contamination that's really the situation right now crews are still on the scene assessing situation to really know what caused the roof to kate end of may not know that for some time but right now responders are still on the scene gathering data that was hampered update from an official at hanford so nervous as far as i can tell he's just a mess because of what happened today of course ban put side is the most radioactive site one of those reactor sites to the united states.

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