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Two nine eight hundred seventy one hundred here's ken on wgn hi ken yeah i i was thinking that the father of the bride with steve markets better than the original yeah that's a good movie that's the father of the bride with steve martin is a sweet little movie and then they ended up making a sequel to the to the remain at number yup yeah yeah no that's a good one father of the bride steve martin that was that was a lovely lovely little funny movie elder person movie i thought maybe a st martin connection act you know before it was just like comedies yeah yeah eastern out to be pretty good in a lot of different in a lot of different things so take father of the bride with steve martin by the way steve martin and martin short are coming to ravenna to do their act that should be sell out that's going to be like the the you won't even be able to walk on the lawn in that one and they they do they do song and dance and as you guys probably know steve martin plays the banjo and plays pretty well we can go through a couple of terrible ones let's let's talk about a couple of terrible remix speaking of john carpenter the remake of the fog has anybody seen the remake of the fog would what's the dude's name from smallville the actor you're welling tom welling okay well he's in it and as you see the remake of the fog from two thousand five i have not it's horrible the original is great john carpenter really creepy moody wonderful ghost story very atmospheric jamie lee curtis of course is in it tom atkins you guys didn't know who john houseman was we were talking about john houseman he's in the opening scene telling ghost story with his very distinctive voice but the remake is awful the.

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