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This is a cbc podcast kill is supported in part by hellofresh the meal kit service dedicated to making cooking fun easy and convenient each week hellofresh creates new delicious recipes with step by step instructions designed to take around thirty minutes for everyone from novices to season homecooked short on time these source the freshest ingredients measured to the exact quantity needed so there's no food waste all delivered to your doorstep in a special insulated box for free for fifty percent off your first box visit hellofresh dot ca slash q podcast or enter promo code q podcast when you subscribe hey this is ali hassan in for tom power and this is the podcast version of q for june i today i spoke to andrew alexander he is exciting times for this man he's about to get a lifetime achievement award from the governor general even though his life is nowhere close to over he assured me and also he's the ceo of second city and setv which he helped start is is going to have a netflix special soon so we talk about that i talked to zach hyman toronto maple leafs forward did not talk about hockey we talked about his children's books he's an author very interesting chat there we had a queue this panel is going to talk about one of the most divisive figures in music kanye west and his new album and we talk about drake just getting roasted by push tea and then we had some great music fun chat with the scottish band churches if you're gonna look them up churches is spelt with v not a you don't know why never got into it but those are the facts the podcast starts now.

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