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It's not like like electionrelated relations someone who is elected but certainly rather bizarre election that happens for the speaker of the house of commons jumper there'd be more bullying claims that have emerged against jumper and more more pressure really on him to get he had said i think it's fifty days from today he had said at some point when it was moved to try and house the speaker very unpopular set you on the tory benches he is i think a lot in the labour benches do that he would go out of fifty days from today but he he's to be standing firm as as as a long report on the front page of the times today jones has told you so it's quite extraordinary really this week the second full the cullen senior official came forward to tease him of bullying david leakey former black role to have seen playing is paul in queen's speech the boko is totally defiant he he shows no sign of wanting to go anytime soon i actually have making suspicion that he will go soon an had already decided that he wanted to but he wants to go on his own he doesn't wanna seem to be forced out so i wouldn't be surprised if some sort of quat political moment if you stop me gap personal statement because of me account all wait for good riddance i think he's brought the house into disrepute and i genuinely call watch prime minister questions an arabic the all the interruptions from it may be john berko questions the amount of time he speaks thank you very much and.

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