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A family in poverty. Make your one time $40 gift text Hope. 283393 Daisy Ashes radio. It already feels McGee out there this morning and temperatures will climb up to 91 on this Friday afternoon Watch for a 60% chance of afternoon and evening downpours once again producing heavy downpours at times. And in tapering off well into the evening with a low Tonight of 77 Tomorrow, it's a 40% rain chance. There is a flood watch for some coastal areas through the day tomorrow, so watch for quick street flooding highs tomorrow at 91 90 with 50% rain chance on Sunday. I'm Max Defender rate meteorologist Li Span. What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. Been program last year. On September 11th. We had the author of then a new book, The only plane in the Sky. Jared graph. Jared had I put together one of the most incredible books. It was all in realty time, and it was all quotes from people be them. You know, people in the military or the government or celebrities.

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