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This is only a game i'm michael holly in for bill littlefield actually akron was almost like a boomtown that's maryland holly lifelong resident of akron one of the city's defacto deputy mayors and my mom and almost everyone that you knew had a job with the rubber factories uncle gus worked to factory jobs firestone and goodyear uncle johnny worked at firestone akron ohio thirty miles south of cleveland was proud of its moniker rubber capital of the world firestone goodyear goodrich general tire all thrive there in the nineteen sixties and seventies the eighties oh werner's profitable goodyear state and everyone else left the heartbreak extended to the areas pro basketball team the cleveland cavaliers who regularly fell to the chicago bulls in the playoffs jordan by two thousand the cavaliers were becoming one of the worst teams in the league northeast ohio's most compelling basketball story starred a sixteen year old high school junior win was the first time you heard about lebron james when he was in high school actually i don't know if you remember but i ask you is he really that good and you said yes in a senior year two thousand three james in his akron saint vincent saint mary team won a state championship meanwhile the cavaliers law sixty five games they did have one big win and that year's nba draft they selected james and he quickly became the best player in team history he was revered in cleveland for seven years but then in two thousand ten he decided to leave for miami local fans burned his casters the reaction lebron's decision was harsh and many corners and that's something that my mom couldn't understand lebron to me is a phenomenal basketball player but what impresses me about lebron is who he is as person and the fact that he never forgot where he came from where he's from is akron all over akron the only child of a single mom he wants moved twelve times in three years he missed lots of school days early in his academic career which made him an at risk student it didn't make a return to the cavaliers after four years of miami and he helped the region when his first championship in fifty two years the basketball wasn't a sole reason for going back so they went down the driveway and i as a kid and we all we went into the bath door and we looked and we just saw the home golfed inflates that's emily ross from talmadge suburb of akron two decades ago when she was a sophomore in high school her grandparents home burned down definitely caused me some issues as a kid knowing that i could have lost my graham that day could've lost graham how that day my mother emily says she has struggled with anxiety since she eventually dropped out of high school she has four daughters now and lives in akron as children of god notre they've asked her mom many questions like why should never finished high school i mean how do you tell your kid that i failed i failed when i was eighteen and i didn't i didn't get my education like i should have about four years ago when the brown returned to cleveland emily was a single mom divorced there was no time to be an all in sports fan absolutely not not at all no i had heard of lebron james i had just heard the name as a local celebrity but never really knew much about him didn't follow him in basketball and all of a sudden this letter comes in the mail and i read it and i had to read it like three times to really understand what it was the letter was from lebron his family foundation it was a promise for at risk kids in the akron public schools but bron james had a vision for a school program that would offer tutoring and school support so that the kids wouldn't fall behind academically emily's daughter morgan who is now ten was eligible and she joined the program after second grade but lebron's biggest assist was still to come all the programs kids and their families were at an amusement park for a day of fun the all expenses paid trip there was a treat in itself but there was a larger announcement they told us that every kid was.

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