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While she lived that more advisable better coffee with fifteen hundred all at once. Long fifty years. Take nick live forever when there is an annuity again. One of the things austin got right about this culture of landed gentry was the it was surprisingly matriarchal. It lives on even through like the woodhouse novels if the indomitable aunts who basically control everything about women being manipulative. That's not matriarchal. That's women using manipulation. Because they have no power. She's explained to correct okay. Women are perilous. They have to act in certain ways to have any power. But it's a soft power. That's why people always like women are so passive aggressive because they're not allowed to be aggressive aggressive because then we get punched in divorced. Wants to marry from from the point of view of someone like hugh grant he feels like. He's at the whims of these women. Who can him off to london and force him to do whatever he doesn't want to do and so yet whether they're like manipulative either way they they do wind up having some kind of power and this is considered to be a bad form of living and natasha. Richardson who is a very successful magazine. Deterrence rich and glamorous is that what she was. She was a magazine editor. I think she was just a fancy late before she was like she had a job. Swanky job for vogue. Which is why dodge jacob on sending heck clothes. You should go up. But i think if she had a swanky job for vogue. It's like one of those west coast editor jobs where it's like. Oh you're just there for your connecticut. Which is not to say anything disparaging about whoever is the west coast editor at vogue and probably gave me some work. I can't find this on the internet. I mean i don't think people watch this a lot. I think it's just me and now you guys and i think this was pretty safe. I won't be invited back. And she says she's a socialite now next season two. Oh my gosh. I if well. Let's get back to the show since the googling that she was a socialite. She was a socialite and she that terrible friend. Who's amy sedaris which was also. Did you wrote sedaris. I know it wasn't a great. Amy sedaris carrot. Now it was like a racist. Amy sedaris saying mean things to j.lo's character so the women in this we know about caroline lane maid in manhattan and we assume about the sister-in-law and sense and sensibility that the sister-in-law did horrible things to marry a man with money the same things. We can see natasha. Richardson doing like she is going to the party. Pre-gala she's going to date him. She's going to set up lunch with him. She is working hard and to work hard to marry. A man with money is the opposite of accidentally finding a man with money. While you're trying on somebody else's clothing the only way to marry money and not be a villain is chew back into it to resist it and to eventually find it because these movies are ultimately may be written by women. They're made by men and their greenland lit by men. And can i say that these themes are not gone. I don't know if either of you watched bridgeton on netflix. At is the same story. It's stories about the gold digging women in the eighteen hundreds trying to get a husband versus the ones that are more virtuous virgin all and the the main couple in bridgeton. I dunno. I might be us okay. Well it's all the same the main couple she doesn't she hates him and he hates her and he's the most eligible bachelor that season and every other woman is like scheming to get him. She doesn't even want him. And of course you know what happens. I won't say explicitly to spoil it but it's the same plot. Nothing has changed like we were saying. Frozen had a better ending because the girls and frozen don't wind up with the man but lake. That's pretty typical. Still nothing really has changed in the theme. That you guys are talking about where there's like the virtuous woman who just stumbled into a rich man's arms and the evil conniving scheming gold-digging woman who who's laser focused on the rich man's arms is actually worse than the taming of truth. I think emily. And i are giving you the. We don't remember that apology of bringing shakespeare into this on. Feel like sayers wilhelm i. Actually i wanna say that. Kenneth branagh and emma thompson made a movie of the taming of the shrew web. Emma thompson plays the shrew who gets tamed. by kenneth branagh. You know she's like mean and nasty and hates him but eventually she falls in love at the end and it has a happy ending. You think that's better than comedy romantic comedy exactly but no it's all bad it's all patriarchal and i just want to sort of finish by by skiing. Both of you like with hindsight. What do we think of the fact that the only oscar this movie got was the best screenplay famine thompson. Like the thing that we'd like the most if we're be academy star being script that's not. How are we know. Now that's not how the oscars were the thing about it. Was emma thompson. Was that when you're looking down a name on a list and you have to vote. Everyone's really psyched for emma thompson. I guess it's the equivalent of giving like matt damon an oscar for writing goodwill hunting. It's just like if if you get a script written by an actor. Wow that's something else. I'm in the writers guild of america now and sometimes i've asked to vote in things and i think it's not really fair if i didn't see certain things to vote but i think it's common practice.

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