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But here's who's kind of making a comeback hugest yeah she was just an mother with down our noffke okay and she's one of those actors that has recently come out in this i like she has a lot of social anxiety he finds it really hard to be in certain situations and yeah but she is kind of making a bit of a film comeback which i think it's great to love her hollywood legend yeah under the gatt though like you said like just when you mentioned that and thinking my role dexter my head fabulous baker boys catwoman scarface oh tequila sunrise will select she's like was the hot too remember hurt hillis eyes and again that woman to in bamut yeah super high again but johnny depp for me chided johnny depp is my tom cruise is he really still yeah i don't think jaded he's been in some movies that are good but he's never had a bad performance now i'll tell you he on ranger thought he was great movie was good but he was awesome in it he and you know what and the last parts of the caribbean the i liked it this is one of those movies that people go oh my gosh why are they making another one we don't need to make another one if you wouldn't did you did you see it you probably you did you like it and it liked it because i like johnny depp plan that that character and have your down yeah and he rushed eh it's it's a it's a parts of the caribbean movie it is i like all the other ones exactly yet but i went to the eu seat of the theater on the big screen the music the scores of leising the visual effects people look too much like cgi i don't care is still look depressed though it's i don't care if it looks like sesia i wanted to look like the if it could look like that let it be cgi under ghost real has to be exactly i thought it was so much fun and people jess went on and on and on this summer about how do i wish they make another one this one was crap make when you're talking about i the best time watching that movie at the gray everybody and i always pay attention to what i hear what i'm walking out like the public what the public thinks.

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