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Democrats for voting against it I can understand obstructed when you're trying to achieve something this obstruction achieves nothing nothing whatsoever the Senate will vote on the same bill again tomorrow morning governor Polish today announcing that non critical work places in the state temporarily reduce their in person work force by fifty percent at a minimum the order goes into effect Tuesday the governor today also asking people to help fight the virus by doing things like grocery shopping less often and walking or jogging outside during less crowded times Colorado reporting its seventh covert nineteen related deaths today a weld county woman in her seventies numbers released by the stage show five hundred ninety one positive cases of coronavirus in Colorado up one hundred sixteen from yesterday there are fifty eight people hospitalized I'm Chad Bauer K. away newsradio you can find it easy getting around twenty one projects or snowing in front down at this time the funny thing is he trying to from the airport new issue some thirty six between older traffic's been flowing freely on I. twenty five from fourteen down to the tech center and actually down into the gap project you're also going to find that traffics on looking really good on I. seventy from war on golden this will swing on C. four seventy or eighty four seventy at this time in sixteen Lakewood is in really good shape fox thirty one pinpoint weather app for the overnight low of thirty two you can expect the high tomorrow to be about fifty eight with a low around thirty four currently it's forty I'm very outgoing Kaylee newsradio eight fifty AM in ninety four one FM.

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