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Does that say about where we're at as a program? UCLA at the end of the year Notre Dame and everyone else and couldn't score. And look sloppy. Clemson just gave their their coats like what one hundred million dollars ten million a year, basically. Yeah. Because they're they're successful. So I understand that you pass a lot of schools to get to Clemson when you're out here out west. But there's only two schools that parental find themselves in final four, and he happened to go to choose one of them. Now. I don't think that's a pooh-poohed necessarily on Clemson or his choices. It's reflexive of the changing dynamic of college football. I don't disagree with that. But this the the rub here, isn't that? Clemson isn't good in Alabama isn't good. They're the two best teams, probably Oklahoma. How state or probably three and four. Those are the does are the four best programs in college football right now. But as C was right there for the longest period of time. And but if you told me though, Travis if you say that guy was leading to go to Ohio State. I'd go, okay. That's all right. We could get a couple of kids out of California every other year. So sure and they've been successful. But to tell me a key from Saint John Bosco. Okay. Going to the south deep, south deep. It is down there. I mean, you you you so deep down there, I visited Clemson. Well, my was talking about going to Clinton when he visited we went to Clemson four five different times took a look at it several different times. You know, what I told him? No that ain't that that it's not gonna work. No, that's not gonna work for what you like. No limit were especially for what he liked. Who who no not at all? What you? And they had some issues that had taken place in that particular area at the time. I I'm just gonna just for the sake of this argument, just remove the social component of it completely. Just go to a strictly football conversation. This never when when SC was at its best and take your pick. Whether you want to go back to John MacKay or John Robinson or peek, aero or it could choose hick pick your era that works for you. The best players never mind in LA. The best players in California the best players on the west coast. Yeah. All went to SE pick and choose them..

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