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Como and Enumclaw Man faces kidnapping and rape charges in a cold case in Grays Harbor County and could possibly face more. I'm Kelly Bleier. I'll explain. Family and friends of a man who died by suicide file suit against the city of Seattle on Charlie Harder with the story plus weekend weather and the latest on traffic Just four minutes away. Comeau News time 6 30 After the Vicodin Putin summit in Geneva, The Russian president was asked why so many of his opponents end up dead or in jail. Through a translator. Putin mentioned the January attack on the U. S Capitol. What we saw was disorder destruction violations of the law, etcetera. We feel sympathy for the United States of America, but we don't want that to happen on our territory. We're doing our utmost in order to not allow it to happen. President Biden's response. That's ridiculous comparisons. It's one thing for Literally criminals to break through a cordon. Go into the capital, kill a police officer and be held on accountable and it is for people objective marching on the capital One sane you are not allowing me to speak freely. Mr Biden no heading home Federal Reserve, signaling it may raise key interest rates after next year. Sooner than expected, China is set to send its first crew to a new space station. Chuck Sivertsen, ABC NEWS HOMO News 1000 FM. 97 7 Our top stories now from the coma 24 7 News Center. Good evening. I'm Rick Fan sites with ELISA Jaffe. An arrest in a cold case in Grays Harbor could lead to solving another one comes Kelly Blair reports. The accused suspect appeared in court this afternoon. 50 year old James Beaker lives in Enumclaw now, But in 2000 and three he lived in McCleery and Grays Harbor County near the home of the 17 year old victim who was kidnapped and raped. The case had remained called for years until the Grays Harbor Sheriff's office sent the evidence to a lab for a genealogy test and got a hit speaker appeared in Grays Harbor Superior Court this afternoon. We're prosecuting attorneys argued his bail should be raised from 100,000 to $250,000. The judge agreed. I don't think the passing of time and the lack of detection of identity during that period of time, necessarily as an indication that Mr Beeker doesn't pose a risk to community safety speaker is also being looked at regarding the 2009 kidnapping and murder of 10 Year old Lindsay Bomb. Kelly Bleier Common news. The city of Seattle now faces a $4 million lawsuit from the family and friends of a man who died by suicide. Almost Charlie Harder has the story back in 2018 Porter Feller was responsive. Well for a hit and run crash that damaged another car. No one was hurt. A Seattle police officer tried to track him down and lied to fellers friends, saying a pedestrian had been critically hurt and might not survive. Seattle Times reports that friend past the bad information onto Feller, who became distraught and killed himself. Days later, the officer was suspended six days without pay for his actions. Now fellers friends and family had filed a $4 million lawsuit against the city claiming negligence. City spokesman says they're evaluating the case. National Suicide Prevention hotline is always available to help people in distress. They can be reached at 1 802 73 talk Charlie. Harder. Come O Neill's The black newspaper carrier confronted by Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer last January, has filed a $5 million claim against the county. The Seattle Times. Reports Cedric Alzheimer suffered harm when he was racially profiled by sheriff Traer when he was delivering newspapers and Troyer's neighborhood in the early morning hours of January. 27th The claim, says the incident violated his constitutional rights and caused him severe emotional distress. The state A G s office has opened a criminal investigation into the incident, and Sheriff Troyer has said he welcomes the inquiry. Parents of underaged Children are about to get a monthly check from the federal government. More from GMOs, Jeff popular. This is the expansion of the child tax credit, which was passed as part of Congress is American rescue plan It provides for checks of up to $300 per month through the end of the year. Democratic Congresswoman Susan Del Ben is based on a bill that I helped introduce called the American Family Act. And it is really the number one thing we can do to to fight child poverty in our country. Checks will be mailed out or direct deposited starting on July 15th Jeff Podollan Come on news. On the news time 6 34 an update now on traffic..

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