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Going to respect her she'll testify George cabinet will testify, and I think that you said something earlier that people just don't people don't realize it. And I think the Republicans don't realize they're so scared about alienating the women the women's vote going into the mid term, but I do believe most voters integrate center understand a great silent majority. And I mean that in the best possible way understand what's going on here and are very skeptical. Just like they were skeptical of Anita hill. And I think there will be potentially huge backlash against the Democrats for this. Also, keep in mind, those of a faint heart after needed hill testified she was she was very credible. And the overwhelming feeling in Washington at the time was Clarence Thomas is is dead on arrival, and he came back and testified in his electrifying way. And it changed the dynamic. So I think I think we're already starting to see this happen with the judge Kavanagh's denial and with people saying, wait a minute. This is just this is just weird. Suspicious. Silly. Well, let's let's I want to ask your opinion on something. This judge star yesterday both on radio and TV with me said he he strongly advised against delaying the confirmation vote. And I think it because he understands all too well that the delay works in the Democrats favor. And he said if they want her to come up testify, maybe maybe do it on Friday the vote but Thursday or Wednesday to the Jewish high holidays are here as well. But you know, the idea of waiting entire extra week on this. He he didn't think it was a good idea. He thought he said the process is what the process is. There is no way of getting at the truth. Thirty six years later. This is only being done for one reason. And he thought have for common say her piece, but he was very concerned about a delay in vote. I don't think they're going to lay it very long. I think they had some delay built in because they suspected something like this might happen. So I'm not concerned with the delay of a few days. And I think it Republicans have been very careful to say she deserves a fair hearing. Now, I think on the other side, you have people say, well, you better not go. You know, you better not really question. Her better, not treat her poorly, while I'm sorry, everybody has you know, the right to question somebody's credibility. When you make an accusation like that, we don't we don't believe the accuser, that's not the American way, that's not due process. That's not how we do it. So by the way, somebody had a great idea. I forget who it was yesterday. Which was let's not have the Senator. Let's let each party that was my point. That was my lawyer. Yeah, we don't we don't need any more history. Grassley, God bless him bumbling through questioning. I mean that just a disaster. The first time I went with all the shouting is concerned, you need a woman questioning a woman Brett Kavanagh's lawyer Beth Wilkinson is is nonpartisan. She's one of the most respected lawyers in Washington. She can question the accuser, I think I completely agree with that. I've been saying that for the last thirty six hours. Let's take politics out of it. Yeah. Completely. I'm in another another question. I have for you is this actually it necessary. Another point that star made this really I think does damage to the judicial branch in this country cavenaugh has been sitting for twelve years on the DC circuit. He's had an exemplary record. You know, very impactful decisions two hundred written opinions. What what does this do to the judiciary? And is there who's who will stand up for just the Coequal branch of government, the judicial branch here, and friend of mine said who used to work for Covington Burling, he said I'd like to chief Justice to come out at some point. And give a statement about standing up for judges accused three and a half decades later of something to just simply derail a nomination for political reasons. And you know, he won't do that. But he is the head of the judicial branch is he not? He is. You know, there's there's the old Adam Smith comment. There's a lot of ruined the country. And I have great faith in our judiciary. Yes, they're subject to partisan attack. And really it's been going back to the to the Earl Warren years, and even before that too went after you tried to pack. The court has gotten really bad now. One of the worst periods in our history. I think we have a right to criticize Sushil opinions and actions that we don't agree with it. I I agree with you that this is damaging. I don't think it will be long term. I think most judges when they get on the bench, even though obviously they they can be motivated by a particular philosophy tried to do the right thing. And so I think we'll be fine. I really do people have by the way that memory is so short term in this country. People forget, I I haven't seen any reference to it. When Merrick garland was nominated by President Obama, Jude Cavanaugh came out with an article or. Or a statement praising him. Everybody seems to have forgotten about that. I think there's also a tradition of you know, of gang above the fray and the federal judiciary. You really is our crown too. I think it'll be fine. But this certainly isn't helping it. Well, I mean, I I agree with you in theory. I it would be nice to see some judges from who are appointed by both Republicans and Democrats to stand up now and say. We have to be very careful about how we're treated as members of the judiciary. I mean, we treated we should be treated fairly to that would be nice. I mean, you got Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She said something last week. I guess critical of the process, but I again, I just go back again the verge all these this. This is not a great situation because it makes the judiciary seemed like just another political branch that you can you can throw political. Political dirt at and that's not the way it should be. Shouldn't shouldn't be that way. I think they're going to be. I think they're going to be you're right. I think one reason they're going to be very cautious here is because of the continued fall out from the whole matter and just the whole issue of. You know, harassment and the me too. And. Judiciary is usually quote self in a way on these personnel issues that some people see us having swept under the rug. So I think you're right. But I don't think you're going to see that. Yeah. A statement Kaczynski is accused of of behavior while he's on the bench. I go back to the fact that any stuff you do in high school really so now now our generation saw is going to be judged on what you do at a boozy party in Chevy Chase Maryland with a bunch of rich kids allegedly. But.

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