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So i gotta get your thought. The jeep ad you know any hot spring seen opinions. It was a weird. It was a weird one for me. 'cause i i definitely i can appreciate what he's trying to do there. Yeah but it did kind of feel like this is the first time that you hear bruce Doing his like his boundless optimism thing usually when he's doing that when he's talking about you know the charter. The distance between the american dream. American reality he has a way of making it sound accessible to everybody and in the jeep ad he really sounded like a seventy year old white guy for the first time. I think i think that's a fair on it. It's not that what he was saying wasn't valid. It's just for whatever reason the tone and the visuals and everything like it just felt like it didn't feel as ernest as bruce usually as which is funny because the the words that are being spoken are some of the most overly earnest things that have ever come out of his mouth but it kind of felt calculated in commercial and all the things that a commercial is. Because that's how it works. But i feel like you almost missed an opportunity. It's like you have this guy who is a natural storyteller who is a natural he bring. The key is an inspirational speaker in an inspirational figure. And so. I almost feel like what happened. There is that somebody wrote trying to sound like bernstein instead of just letting bruce into the writer's room what i found interesting is in and i don't remember who tweeted this photo showing the diversity of the extreme left in the extreme right Reactions to the ad tells you how far away from the middle. We are as a society right. Yeah like how. How can one thing tick off both sides so but yeah Well part of that honestly is the and like. I don't want to get into the politics of it. But part of the answer for that is literally just the the idea that for a lot of people on both sides of the political aisle in this country the notion of trying to appeal to everybody is inherently flawed because they think other side's evil. There's a chunk of people on the right and a chunk of people on the left. Who are both going to be like But there's an element of that that's going to be inevitably. It's gonna make people upset. And again i don't really like at you. Get a whole separate conversation about whether getting upset about something like that is a valid perspective or not but it. that's just reality. I don't think it's necessarily the content as it was the overall message of like trying to get along Upset allow people on the fringes. Yeah absolutely and You know the idea how. Where is this look for the middle win. Trump was president. And how dare you asked me to go to the middle on someone who doesn't want people to.

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