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By the weekend, the NFL has moved the bill's browns game to Detroit. North Korea's fired an intercontinental ballistic missile. It landed near Japanese waters, but officials warn, it shows the potential for launching nuclear strikes on all of the U.S. mainland. Vice president Kamala Harris in Thailand today, meeting with Asian Pacific leaders, assuring them that the U.S. is a steady trade partner. Based on collaboration, sustainability, transparency, and fairness, the Biden administration's asking to federal courts to allow the student loan program to go forward. More from our Norman hall. It is asked a federal appeals court in New Orleans to suspend a decision, striking down Biden's plan. It's it intends to ask the Supreme Court to overturn a St. Louis appeals court that halted the plan. The White House is raising eyebrows with the declaration that Saudi Arabia's crown prince should be immune from litigation surrounding the killing of U.S. journalist Jamal Khashoggi, while campaigning Joe Biden was a harsh critic. Officials say a 100 year old building in San Antonio has been damaged by an earthquake that hit Wednesday. Hundreds of miles away in the west, Texas desert. Russian missiles are again targeting Ukraine's energy infrastructure, disrupting supply to as much as 40% of the population, this is AP news. Life in prison without parole for 40 year old Daryl Brooks junior in Milwaukee. He killed 6 people and injured many others, driving his SUV through a Christmas parade. We now hear an update on those injured. Betty string was one of the dancing grannies struck at the parade. She sustained a head injury. String says she hasn't focused much on the incident. Throughout all of this, I was probably just focused on me and trying to get better. String says, she's back to dancing in the group. Why would I not go back? Why would I limit my life? I'm johnna wooder. Renewed scrutiny in Alabama over a watch execution yesterday. This is the second time. The death sentence was halted because a lethal injection could not be administered. I'm Jackie Quinn, AP news. This is a 20 a.m. WCT willow springs and streaming worldwide. 8 20 dot com. We are Chicago's progressive chalk, where facts matter. Now, UW CPG 8 20, weather updates. Here's the latest Chicago weather update. We'll see if he's scattered snow showers here for today with body skies and temperatures holding rather steady, wins out of the western ten to 20 mph, gusting his heist 25, then for tonight a slight chance for snow showers mostly cloudy and temperatures still holding steady. Saturday chance for snow cloudy and breezy, high 28°, Sunday mostly sunny will see high around 31. From the weather ology, weather center, I'm meteorologist Jennifer we cheat ski. Currently, it's

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