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Seventy dollars. Give me a good old cesspool Twitter if you want to. Interact with me as well at Zach Gelb z. a.. C. h. g. e. l. be okay we have some big contract situations. In. The National Football League and surprise surprise everyone is looking to get more cash moolah and. Get some more paper in their pocket and some of these players will have to. Go on a long fight for it others may be getting handed a little bit more quickly. Compared to some of their other confidence In the National Football League let's start with Aaron Donald he's coming up. Free agent at the end of the year I believe it's a restricted free agent for him And if he looks around his, team not just the entire national football just his team, his teammates are getting paid Brandin cooks. Got, a five year eighty million dollar deal Todd Gurley, the, other day got a four year sixty million dollar deal with forty five big ones guaranteed in that contract forty five million, dollars guaranteed on the Todd Gurley contract Aaron Donald is one. Of the best defensive players. In the sport you would have to imagine that is payday. Is coming soon but it's a little bit bizarre And you wonder how far, off they are and you keep on seeing everything this player gets. Paid this player gets paid it gives, you, the impression it's clear that they're going all in this year with the talent, talented they brought, around in the whizz. Kid and Sean McVay Jared Goff and what they're doing on defense, inside the ball bringing Peterson the off season a, key to Leib as well but you kind of start to wonder how they're going to be able to sustain this for the future if they don't win this year it's we're going to see where they are at as, a franchise definitely gonna be a, big time now, disappointment because if you're giving. Out this, much cash and we know it's over many many years guy you're expected, to win so LA there's a lot of pressure on, l. a. this year even though they. Have, a second year head coach Sean McVeigh who was, just, tremendous last year out to see how the adjustment game is going to be when people now have more tape of what, McVeigh's teams look like and also Jared Goff is, as quarterback you have. To think Donald gets paid but since you mentioned Todd Gurley as, someone that is definitely chiming in on Todd Gurley, contract is love EON bell who's on the franchise tag right now and you know love EON bell is not going to get the deal done this year that's already passed. The deadline So Future in Pittsburgh over coming to an. End a lot of people think, that but you never put it past someone to find the way at the last hour and the last attempt to give him what he, wants and we'll see how this year plays Alyce where he is from a health standpoint and what other team is going to give him a big guaranteed contract and Levy on bell sees the money and Levy on bell was offered a five, year seventy million dollar deal by the Steelers Bromley ten million dollars was guaranteed and levian bells tweeted out yesterday about ten hours ago l. o. l. and people thought I was. Tripping and then he also re tweet something from. March slayer gives the details of the Levy on bell deal that the Steelers offered and they offered Latvian, bell ten million guaranteed fake seventy billion dollar, contract a shame on them and love. EON bell re tweeted that and someone was Marcus mosier who Marcus voshel has a blue check on his name on. Twitter it's gotta be a football, writer? Right I would. Imagine let's. See what's the little. Quicker Twitter search here real. Quickly Marcus mosier yeah he's the host of, locked on Cowboys and the managing editor of the raiders wider wire and he's also a contributor at the pro football weekly he tweets out that how matters lovey I'm Bella pit. Right now and love EON bell says that matter. All actually extremely happy to be honest so I'd be happy to see the way that contract goes because, you anticipate that you get next year but, you got to be healthy you gotta. Survive this year love EON bell and the National Football League so that's Donald that's how he got the bell now. Earl Thomas sticky situation and that's, why? It was fun. To have. Quick favor on the..

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