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At thirty dollars thirty dollars and fifty cents now it's dropped down around twenty seven dollars and fifty cents so it turned from green to red and it dropped nine percent and it's still dropping so my game you join right now i have bank america on one that's one of our stocks it's on my video group list that we update three times during the day and we're shorting and we're making money right now some gang members just got any other day when bank of america instead of getting in at thirty dollars and twenty nine cents some some of them are still making money they got a little bit later but there's doing doing very very well and they got an at twenty eight dollars and forty nine cents so you still have time to get involved with the bank stocks as they go down you make money you can buy the whole group an atf xl f which we show you how to do that means you've got a whole basket of bank stocks but here's the important things to buy a stock you got to know when to get out so you're profits aren't taken away from you it's easy to say i'm going to sell the stock short we do it for you got to do a thing but it's important to know what am i going to get out i've been right to stock dropped from thirty dollars down to twenty five i'm up fifteen percent when do i get out you haven't got a worry we get you out we get you out as soon as we see the institutions that.

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