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Had occurred in florida i mean what what would possess somebody to to seize upon this nightmare in horror i guess my kids luckily bank have at school anytime soon here's the school with an old bagged policy measure can medicals middle school i only a middle school they're telling students beginning february twenty six no bags carried around school purposes bags will have to be left in their lockers during the course of the day in utah this is insane in salt lake city an isis flag was found in the place of an american flag on a hurricane high school flagpole so hurricane police her hurricane is at near salt lake city yet hurricane utah based on information we received from the fbi we all believe this was an act perpetrated by someone linked to the islamic state uh i mean what kind of sicko would that take down a shred an american flag and put up an isis flag i mean i hope they catch that creighton and again these copycats around the country it's really just awful what's going on after the parkland foreigner shooting in arkansas fade phil high school student allegedly threatened to shoot up his high school like they did in florida he was arrested us spartanburg south carolina ninth rate student at broom high school arrested after he allegedly posted a photo of himself on snapchat wearing a partial mask and holding what looked like an assault rifle the photo was caption round two of florida tomorrow according to spartanburg sheriff's officials they gave the information that fox's fox affiliate w h n s in the uh greenville spartanburg area at insane and gilchrist county florida the school district there announced that it was cancelling classes today friday due to an email threats it was also a report of a threat in massachusetts another off florida part two warning uh three school lacked downs in north carolina massachusetts i again i just don't understand the i told you i told you they are going to be a copycats uh hopefully these are just threats and i might biggest concern her actual copy let's of vile violent acts and i don't wanna see that there is up more detail a merging there is a news story from new yorker and ronen pharaoh there is a new allegation that trump had sex with annan affair with a playboy playmate this is on top of.

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