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Red River technology decisions aren't black and white pink red nine fifteen here's Dave Johnson now you know it might be summer basketball for the wizards ESPN reportedly looking at resuming played with what the two teams on July thirty first in Orlando the wizards would make the cut is one of those teams the NFL is told it's teams at training camps must be held at their own facilities that would mean the Redskins would not be going to Richmond remembering Wes and sell the hall of fame basketball player died yesterday aged seventy four you think I'm so do you think strength in the way he played his convictions and his affection for family friends and teammates like Phil should be here it was the rock of the team you know he was the guy that made everybody feel comfortable and confident explains all the help the board so for NBA finals won it all in nineteen seventy eight a desire to win a desire to learn he really prided himself on reading the stress on the plane you know we'd be playing cards and he was back there read ad but if we gotta talk you know talk about social issues you know we see was all there and he had his views and he wanted to hear your opinion and even as he battled health issues the last few years he still faced those things like a the true superstar that he is not wallowing in self self pity trying to see how he can uplift others Unseld always dead on and off the court more my store at WTOP dot com Dave Johnson WTOP sports coming up after traffic and weather in prince George's county three officer suspended after an incident is caught on video hi Melissa how it's nine.

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