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Take conti. love me. Some take he takes on. Rebecca scott two point oh takes on schuyler andrews and sam adams. I'll have a sam adams. Nyla rose takes on tina san antonio whose name. I haven't seen a little bit there jurassic express in varsity blondes team up to take on the team of the wingman the wing. Men's caesar bernini. Peter avalon ryan nimith and j. d. drake and that is a e w dark elevation for this week. So pretty pretty solid car That they got lined up so we talked about what happened there. A little bit with impact. We talked about Eight w rampage away to gets even better. What about the awesome shit. That went down there. Which triple mania twenty nine from the aaa promotion. I actually check that out and Look i dunno of it's still available on twitch. You guys won a nice little alternative to check out. You wanna see what all the fuss was about in everything. I definitely would say. Go out of your way and and and check it out. You know i had heard about it. Heard about the buzz. And when i was done with work saturday night i said okay. You know what. Let me go ahead here and let me try to see if i can checkout triple mania somehow and Sure enough. I was able to check it out now. I gotta be honest with you guys. I did find myself doing a lot of fast. Four day Because they were just some parts. I just fell. okay. I i honestly could care less about this This is just too silly for me. It was kind of like one of my other mindsets Perfect example you had the one spot there where There was a a marvel match. A marvel inspired a tag match was enter gender tag match you basically had somebody representing spider-man which by the way his entrance was hilarious as hell because he basically was on this little zip line high above and it was like Here he comes well up. Weltman not not gallo hiccup their wait. Wait okay there he goes. He's common. He's coming down zip lahiri. Here's your friendly neighborhood..

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